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Minutes of a special meeting of Churcham Parish Council

held on Wednesday 8 December 1999

PRESENT. Cllrs Baber (chairman) Ingram (vice chairman), Woolacott, Haines, Price, Dixon, Dist Cllr Hall, with clerk in attendance and in excess of 30 members of the public.

Apologies. Apologies were received from Cllr Tucker.

Minutes. The reading and approval of the minutes of the meeting held on 23 November 1999 was deferred until the January meeting.

Matters arising. There were no matters arising

Chairman's introduction. The chairman welcomed those present and thanked them for their interest. He explained that this meeting had been of necessity called at short notice because of the FODDC timetable to consider the planning applications referred to below by Messrs H W Smart. The meeting would be in two parts; first a public one where public opinion on the applications could be canvassed and then the council would retire to consider their response to them.



H W Smart - Erection of additional chicken houses at Beauchamp.

H W Smart. Change of use of chicken houses at Stone End to light industrial use - classes B1 and B2

FODDC Cllr Hall then gave an outline of the planning regulations covering such applications and the grounds for objections, if any. He reminded parishioners that Application 1 referred to two additional chicken houses at Beauchamp and Application two referred to a change of use of two houses at Stone End to Industrial use B1 or B2. These were two separate applications although he confirmed to a questioner that they should be treated as one. He further reminded those present that Messrs. Smart already had planning permission to build another house to the rear of Churcham Garage.

The meeting was then opened to questions and statements from the public. The chairman's answers to these included that fifteen `small business' units were planned and interest had already been expressed in three of them, including storage and concrete block manufacture. He also confirmed that just one applicant could occupy the whole site as, for example, a distribution business, involving many lorry movements. The alleged nuisance from smells emanating from the operations can be dealt with under existing environmental health legislation, although he had doubts about their adequacy. He agreed with many questioners that, should chicken operations cease at either site for any reason, then similar applications could be received for change of use of houses. He stated that there would be provision for some 83 car parking spaces at Stone End in addition to the various vehicle movements generated there. He sympathised with residents who complained of devaluation of their property from the chicken operations and also to those who complained of health irritants. A parishioner expressed support for both applications and cited the lack of a previous parish council's support or even public debate on an application he had made some years earlier.

The chairman asked for a show of hands on the following proposals:

The council then went into committee to consider its response to the two applications.

Cllr Woolacott considered that the second application conflicted with the county Structure Plan and Cllr Ingram reiterated that the proposed use was on an unsuitable site by reasons of traffic density on the A40. The clerk informed council that Cllr Tucker wished to place on record his opposition to either application. Councillors also referred to correspondence from the FODDC to various previous objectors that no more development should take place on the Smart's site

A proposal by Cllr Woolacott, seconded by Cllr Ingram that planning permission be refused by the FODDC was carried by 4 votes to 1. An amendment by Cllr Haines that permission be granted was dropped, having failed to find a seconder.

Additionally it was agreed that, in the even of permission being granted for either/or then strict controls should be imposed, e.g. noise, nuisance, health.

The next meeting of the parish council will be on January 25 in the School starting at 7.30 pm

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