Minutes of Churcham Parish Council Meeting of 21 February 2000

PRESENT,. Cllrs Baber (chairman), Price, Haines, Tucker, Woollacot, Dist Cllr Hall with clerk in attendance. 5 members of the public.

APOLOGIES. Apologies were received from Cllrs Dixon, Ingram and Cty Cllr Boait.

MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON JANUARY 25TH. The minutes of the meeting were signed as a true record, subject to the following addition

"AOB. Cllr Dixon complained of mud on road surface of Oakle Street and the churning up of verges, both caused by a contractor working on an adjacent field. The chairman said that work had now finished and the contractor was to clean up"


· The grit bins were in the process of being refilled/replaced

· Potholes in Bulley lane would not be given priority by the divisional surveyor

· Mud has been cleared from a footway by WSP

· The clerk was asked to investigate work being done by the MEB at the bus stop at Bully Lane and to ask the county council for a estimate for a replacement, more powerful. Light there so that consideration could be given to contributing towards its cost

ROADS. A40 roadworks. The work is completed. The HA has written to the Head of Churcham School asking for her comments on the flashing warning lights and the council agreed that she should confirm her acceptance of the new system.

Work has also been completed on and around Bulley Lane but the divisional surveyor is to be asked to inspect other parts of the Lane for inclusion in his annual maintenance schedule.

SUNNYSIDE. The chairman reported on his and others' recent meeting with the head of home. Although inconclusive, a subsequent letter from Mr Twigg had proved helpful and Cllr Price was appointed as liaison between the home and the council. There were no complaints of further unruly behaviour from residents there.



B. Rich, Court Cottages, Church Lane - extension/erection of a car port. No objections

Decisions. Former filling station, Birdwood - change of use to sale and display of timber goods. Granted

Other Planning Matters. Dist Cllr Hall reported that enforcement proceedings had started against Birdwood Garage concerning the number of vehicles on display for sale. Councillors welcomed this and asked him to check that these proceedings would also include the total number of vehicles stationed there and the lack of customer parking.

The application by Messrs Smart for conversion of chicken sheds to industrial use/provision of new sheds was unlikely to be considered before April as a HA assessment report was awaited.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Dist Cllr Hall reported that the Local Plan review committee was likely to accept Churcham's proposal for local housing subject to Huntley not wishing to develop a joint project. However, the likely recommendation was for no more than three dwellings confined to land already in the FODDC ownership.

VILLAGE APPRAISAL. - There was no change from the previous month's report, with a meeting planned for March 20th.

NEW COMMITTEE STRUCTURE FOR FODDC. Dist Cllr Hall reported that the new structure had been accepted by the full council and was now out for public consultation. Subject to this, a trial was likely from 1st November until 30 March 2001 when it would become permanent. He confirmed that all meetings, unless confidential, would continue to be held in public. Jane Grunwert, a FODDC official, is to be invited to the APM, in place of Meg Holbrow, to speak on this subject.

MILLENNIUM. The vicar has agreed the date of Sunday 2nd July for the parish picnic/sports on the school field. The chairman showed a sample of the illustrated Millennium mug, which is to be given to all pupils at Churcham School and those up to eighteen years of age residing in the [parish. Additional mugs will be available for sale. Rosettes will be given to those children taking part in the sports and copies of the original illustrations for the mug will also be available to purchase. The council authorised the chairman to order 400 mugs and 100 rosettes at 36p each. A Cheque for £407.47 was signed in respect of Mr Pyke's account for building the notice board.


· Lobstock Corner: PC Williams from Newent Police addressed the meeting. She said that there had been no recent reported incidents of dangerous driving here but she would pass councillors' concern to her Traffic colleagues who would arrange vigilance there and other stretches of the A40 from the school

· Police Quarterly report. This was received and noted.

· Police & Community Consultative committee. Cllr Haines agreed to attend the meeting on February 22nd and to report back.

CORRESPONDENCE. Requests for donations from cancer cobalt unit and CAB were rejected. Other correspondence included Parish Council publicity, Link magazine, nominations for Gloucestershire Medal of Honour, FODDC Civic Service. A notice of overdue payment from the FODDC re election expenses made it necessary for cheque for £72.02 to be issued.

AOB. Dist Cllr Hall issued a copy of the FODDC Planning & Development handbook; he also explained the rationale behind this year's council tax rises, with only 14p/£ going to the FODDC

DATE OF NEXT MEETING March 28, starting at 7.30 in the School

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