Minutes of Churcham Parish Council Meeting of Tuesday 25 January 2000

Prior to the start of the meeting, the councillors and public stood to observe a period of silence for the late Cllr R Taylor, for many years a member and chairman of this council

There was one additional agenda item, a planning application by Messrs Leeways for a new entrance off the A40.

PRESENT. Cllrs Baber (chairman) Ingram (vice chairman), Woolacott, Haines, Price, Tucker, Dixon, Co Cllr Boait and Dist Cllr Hall, with clerk in attendance and 5 members of the public

Apologies. There were no apologies.

The minutes of the meetings held on 23rd November and 8th December October 1999 were accepted as a true record subject to the name of Cllr Dixon being included as the seconder of the precept motion (item 11) in the former.

Matters arising

Web Site, The clerk reported that he has posted the current agenda and minutes from the two earlier meetings on the site. A list of councillors had previously been posted.


A40 Roadworks outside school. Councillors were concerned that there was little, if any, differentiation from the setting down layby and the main road. The clerk is to arrange a meeting with WSP to resolve this and also to remind them of the provision of `remote controlled' flashing warning signs for the approach roads. . Attention was also drawn to errors in the wording of a statutory notice seeking a 50-mph speed limit from Churcham to Highnam roundabout. The clerk is to write to the Highways Agency informing them of this and querying the legality of such a notice

Other Roads. The two proposed closures in Bulley Lane near Lake Lane and Spring Villa from 14th February for one week were noted and expressed hope that this would deal with the long overdue repairs in that area,

Sunnyside.. There were numerous complaints, from councillors and public, of nuisance caused by Sunnyside residents One resident gave evidence of two apparent residents fighting in the road late at night some distance from the home, while a neighbour said that another resident was still casing both a hazard to him and other road users by attracting drivers' attention as they passed. There were also complaints of late night noise, particularly when the late evening shift came of duty, from staff cars and residents. Dist Cllr Hall urged all aggrieved villagers to write direct to Mr Twigg with a copy to the Social Services registration Unit. It was agreed that the chairman/clerk would try to set up a meeting between villagers, Social Service, police and Mr Twigg,



Former Birdwood Garage. Change of use to sale and display of timber and garden products- NO OBJECTION

Leeways - Alterations and improvements to existing vehicular access- NO OBJECTION


The appeal by Mr & Mrs Ursell against refusal of planning permission for one dwelling adjacent to Springfield has been refused by the Planning Inspector

Blossomfield. The application for alterations and extension has been granted by FODDC

Meeting with Mr B Morgan - FODDC. The chairman reported an encouraging meeting with Dist Cllr Hall and Mr B Morgan, a FODDC planning official.The inspection panel had apparently been impressed with the site on offer at Lake Lane. Furthermore a neighbouring farmer was prepared to sell some additional adjacent land for further sheltered housing. Dist Cllr Hall explained that if this was the only site available, Churcham stood a good chance of being provided with low cost housing for needy villagers. However, the FODDC preferred to develop "exceptional' land in conjunction with two or more local parishes and should Huntley likewise make a bid for such housing then, on balance, the FODDC would be likely to prefer the latter.

Village Appraisal. Cllr Ingram to report. That the report was at the draft stage and he hopes that the full Appraisal committee will consider it on 20th March..

Finance. Cheques for salary and expenses for clerk (£255 salary and £23.87 expenses) and cleaner (£95) were signed. A donation of £17.50 to CPRE was made but a request from the Glos Playing Fields Association. For a donation was rejected. It was agreed to defer payment of the bill of £72 due to the FODDC for election expenses.

New committee structure for FODDC. Dist Cllr Hall updated members on progress by FODDC. The chairman confirmed that he had received regular committee minutes that had been available to any other councillor. Cllr Hall said that a decision on the new council structure was likely to be made on February 17th but in any event future deliberations of the FODDC were unlikely to be in private other than for confidential items

Millennium. Suggestions to mark the Millennium parish picnic and children's sports on field to rear of school on July 2 - generally welcomed Others included tree planting in school playground, seat ditto and village photo

Correspondence. Correspondence received included Community Health Council (Appeal for members); County Education Plan 1999/2004; minutes of police and Community Consultative meeting; County Plan 2000/2004; Parish Conference minutes; FODDC Economic Development Strategy 1999/2002;The Gloucestershire Way - Opening

AOB. There were several items of AOB:

Date of next meeting Feb 21st. The Change of date is due to chairman and vice-chairman being absent on the scheduled date.

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