Notices to Mariners

NOTICE TO MARINERS NO. 4/99 16 March 1999.


Operators and Masters of vessels will be aware of the publicity surrounding certain dates in 1999, 2000 and beyond upon which problems may occur with computers and other electronic equipment. It is difficult to know how serious or widespread any problems might be.

Masters of all commercial vessels wishing to navigate or operate bunker transfer systems within the statutory limits of the Gloucester Harbour between 12 hours before the time of the first High Water Sharpness on the day preceding and 12 hours after the time of the last High Water Sharpness on any of the dates given below are required to report on VHF to Avonmouth Radio when inbound from Breaksea or ports within the Bristol Channel, or Sharpness Radio prior to leaving their berth when outbound, that all onboard systems, the failure of which could threaten the safety of the vessel's navigation or the environment, have been scrutinised and considered to be fully operational.

The report should be made as follows:-

  1. Vessel name
  2. Vessel owner/operator
  3. Name of Master
  4. Declaration "All onboard systems have been scrutinised and are considered to be fully operational"

Vessels unable to make the above declaration should remain outside the Harbour, remain on berth and/or cease any bunkering operations for the duration of the above periods.

Prior to entering the Harbour or moving off berth, vessels are to conduct functional trials on:-

Report of successful completion of these trials will be required by Avonmouth Radio / Sharpness Radio before permitting movement within the Harbour limits.

Functional trials onboard piloted vessels are to be conducted in the presence of the Pilot when possible.

The dates upon which trials must be carried out (in accordance with times given above) are as follows:-

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Notices to Mariners

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