Notices to Mariners

NOTICE TO MARINERS NO. 11/97 19 December 1997


Mariners, particularly those navigating in yachts and other small craft, are advised that several obstructions have been identified which are submerged at certain states of the tide and which may, therefore, present a hazard to navigation.

Steel and/or wooden stakes and framework may extend up to eighty metres from the riverbank at the following locations.

Slime Road 51° 37'.74N 2° 38'.92W
Aust/Littleton 50° 36'.67N 2° 36'.57W
Sheperdine 51° 40'.14N 2° 33'.14W
Aylburton 51° 41'.55N 2° 33'.07W
Awre 51° 45'.90N 2° 25'.21W

The above positions are approximate and only intended as guidance to river users who should further familiarise themselves with the areas concerned. Craft navigating close inshore are obviously at particular risk.

Notices to Mariners

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