Harbour Management Plan


4.1 A works licence is required from GHT before any construction, alteration, renewal or extension of works takes place within the Gloucester Harbour pursuant to Part IV of the HRO 1994. 'Works' is defined to include works of any description.

4.2 In addition to a works licence from GHT the consent/approval of other organisations or bodies is required before any works commence. English Nature has issued a Guidance Note on this matter for the River Severn and a copy can be obtained from the offices of GHT.

4.3 A similar Guidance Note relating to the River Wye is being investigated by CCW.

4.4 The lack of a national boundary seaward of the Second Severn Crossing is a difficulty in determining the role and jurisdiction of other authorities involved in development proposals.


GHT will be prepared to consider issuing a works licence for works which are considered appropriate to a harbour location PROVIDED:

1) the works comply with current legislation

2) the works have the consent/approval of the other organisations and bodies which have to be consulted,

3) the works do not adversely affect the main navigation channel or the existing tidal and sedimentary regime of the Rivers and Estuary, and

4) the Marine Environment Policies (section 6) are not compromised.

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