Harbour Management Plan


A General

3.1 As a result of the accident involving the grounding of the Sea Empress at Milford Haven, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch carried out a detailed investigation into the cause of the accident and published a Report of its findings. The Report's main proposal was that a Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC) should be developed for Ports which would cover all safety functions and not be limited solely to pilotage.

3.2 GHT recognises and accepts that in carrying out its statutory duties and responsibilities, safety must be its paramount consideration. GHT's aim is to minimise the risk of accident to vessels navigating within the Gloucester Harbour as far as is reasonably practical.

3.3 The following are all driven by safety considerations:

a) the promotion of a pilotage service and the provision and maintenance of navigation aids

b) the promotion of the Gloucester Harbour Revision Orders

c) the issue of Pilotage Directions, General Directions, Notices to Mariners and directions issued by the Duty Harbour Master

d) the promotion of the Gloucester Harbour Byelaws

e) the enactment nationally of legislation relating to Harbours and shipping

f) The Emergency Plans dealt with at paragraph 6.8 of this Plan

These matters are dealt with in greater detail later in this Plan.

B Safety Assessment and Management

3.4 The PMSC applies to harbour authorities well-developed principles of formal hazard and risk assessment and safety management systems.

3.5 Harbour authorities are required to follow these general principles:

a) Every harbour authority should have a safety management system for marine operations in its waters, developed after a formal risk assessment.

b) The safety management system should be described in a published document, setting out the authority's policies and procedures relating to the regulation of marine operations.

c) Every harbour authority's statutory powers to regulate marine operations must be exercised in accordance with the harbour authority's safety management system.

d) The safety management system must include verification and audit procedures.

e) The safety management system should deal with preparedness for emergencies.

3.6 GHT has produced a first draft of a document which assess the financial and administrative risks which GHT faces, considers control procedures and ways of mitigating those risks and finally the means of monitoring the above.

3.7 In accordance with the requirements of the PMSC, GHT's officers together with the Gloucester Pilots Partnership will be carrying out a similar exercise to identify marine hazards and risks and the means of eliminating or controlling them. This exercise will be conducted in accordance with the guidance given in the PMSC.


GHT will make safety assessment and management a key task of the Authority in accordance with the guidance given in the PMSC.


GHT will produce a form of passage information to be made available to the masters of vessels being piloted to or from Sharpness or other parts of the Gloucester Harbour.


GHT will ensure that the safety implications are taken into account in all aspects of its work.

C Health and Safety at Work

3.8 Harbour Authorities (Has) have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety at work of its employees and other persons who may be affected by their activities.

3.9 GHT is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees (which includes those for whom it is responsible).

3.10 Employees are reminded that each of them must accept their respective degrees of responsibility for health and safety in their own work place.


GHT will in relation to the health and safety

i) comply with their statutory duties

ii) provide its employees with

iii) without prejudice to the generality of ii), require that when GHT's work boat is in use a minimum crew of two persons is provided, the helmsman remains on the boat at all times and it is equipped with proper safety equipment

iv) ensure that contractors and suppliers have health and safety policies relevant to the nature of the work being undertaken

v) require all accidents to employees arising during the course of their duties to be logged in an accident book

vi) investigate all accidents to its employees which arise during the course of their duties and initiate any new procedures necessary to prevent a recurrence

vii) arrange for its health and safety policy to be reviewed at regular intervals of not more than one year

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