Harbour Management Plan


13.1 The PMSC provides that executive and operational responsibilities for marine safety must be clearly assigned and those to whom they are entrusted must be held accountable for their performance.

13.2 The PMSC also requires CHAs to have a 'designated person' with independent oversight of its marine safety management systems, who has direct access to the Board.

13.3 The HRO 1994 empowers GHT to appoint a Clerk and such other officers and servants as it determines on such terms and conditions as it sees fit.


a) GHT will appoint competent staff and ensure that they have training appropriate to the responsibilities assigned to them in relation to the safety of marine operations in accordance with the guidance contained in the PMSC.

b) GHT will, in relation to the Duty Harbour Master and his Assistant, arrange for them to accompany a Gloucester Pilot on a minimum of one inward act of pilotage and one outward act of pilotage in each calendar year.

b) GHT will designate a person to have independent oversight of its marine safety management systems with direct access to meetings of GHT.

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