Harbour Management Plan


A Byelaws

12.1 GHT made Byelaws for the Gloucester Harbour on 17July 1997, pursuant to section 83 of the Harbour, Docks and Piers Clauses Act 1847 and article 16 of the HRO 1994. The Byelaws were confirmed by the Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and Regions on 16 October 1998 with modifications.


GHT will take action against anyone who persistently and blatantly contravenes the Byelaws.

B General Directions

12.2 GHT have issued General directions relating to Gloucester Harbour pursuant to articles 10 and 11 of the HRO 1994 which came into force on 1 April 1999.


GHT will take action against any person who persistently and blatantly contravenes the General Directions.

C Access

12.3 Access to Gloucester Harbour, other than via Sharpness Dock, is primarily by private launching site at boatyards and clubs. Many persons informally use the slipway at Beachley (originally provided for the Aust/Beachley ferry) which is now owned by the Forest of Dean District Council.

12.4 GHT, whilst recognising the public right of navigation, would have reservations about unlimited public access to the harbour because of the safety implications.


GHT will require any person wishing to provide a new access within or to the Gloucester Harbour to obtain a works licence and abide by any reasonable conditions imposed.

D Archaeology

12.5 GHT recognises the need to protect and/or record important archaeological sites or remains which by their nature are often fragile and susceptible to damage through natural and man-made causes.


GHT will support the protection and/or recording of important archaeological sites or remains within the Gloucester Harbour by the appropriate organisations.

E Prevention of Pollution

12.6 HAs and their Harbour Masters have statutory powers to deal with the prevention of pollution under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995 and guidance on this subject is contained in the PMSC.

12.7 HAs also have a duty pursuant to the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness and Co-operation 1990 to prepare plans to deal with oil spills

12.8 HAs also have a duty to ensure that facilities are provided for the reception of waste from ships

12.9 It is an offence under the Gloucester Harbour Byelaws to discharge any matter or cause or permit any polluting matter to be discharged into the waters or on to the bed of the Gloucester Harbour or permit any matter to be placed so that it may fall, be blown, drift or flow into the Gloucester Harbour (Byelaw 20).


GHT will support the provision of facilities for the reception and disposal of solid and liquid wastes and rubbish.


GHT will take action against anyone who persistently and blatantly contravenes Byelaw 20.


GHT will meet its obligations in relation to the Oil Spill Response Plans.

F Consultation

12.10 GHT has initiated biannual meetings of the User Forum to provide a two-way flow of information between those who use or have an interest in the Gloucester Harbour and the Trustees. An agenda is circulated prior to the meeting and a note is prepared of the proceedings which is circulated to members of the User Forum and the Trustees.


GHT will continue to arrange biannual meetings of the User Forum and provide the necessary administrative support to achieve this.

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