Rates for Light Dues

The Gloucester Harbour Trustees in pursuance of their statutory and other powers fixed the following lights due rates to be levied on vessels navigating within the Gloucester Harbour with effect from 1 October 1991:

  1. For cargo vessels:

    Based on Summer Deadweight Tonnage (DWT) as verified in the current Lloyds Register of Ships or authentic ship's particulars charges will be levied on both inward and outward passages to or from any part of the Gloucester Harbour at £0.045 per DWT subject to a minimum charge based on 750 DWT.
  2. For specialist vessels and those of high volume to mass ratio such as tugs, ro-ros, car carriers, passenger ships and naval vessels:

    Charges will be based on a notional DWT obtained from the dimensions of the vessel and calculated in accordance with the following formula:

    Length overall in metres x extreme breadth in metres x 2 subject to a minimum charge based on a notional 750 DWT.
  3. Vessels remaining or operating within the Gloucester Harbour shall pay the appropriate rate as above for each 24 hour period or part thereof.
  4. Vessels operating exclusively as Rescue and/or Guard vessels which have been registered with, and accepted by the Gloucester Harbour Trustees, shall be exempt from all charges in respect of Lights Dues.
  5. The Gloucester Harbour Trustees may, at their discretion, vary the charges in respect of Lights Dues for vessels making frequent and regular use of either all or part of the Gloucester Harbour. (Further details can be obtained from the Trustees' offices at Severnside House, The Docks, Sharpness, Berkeley, Glos GL13 9UD : Telephone 01453 811913.)

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