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When you are looking for a place to stay you need a rating system you can trust. The English Tourism Council accommodation ratings are your clear guide to what to expect, in an easy to understand form. Properties are visited annually by out trained, impartial assessors, so that you can have confidence that your accommodation has been thoroughly checked and rated for quality before you make a booking.

What to expect at each rating What to expect at each rating What to expect at each rating

At a one star hotel you will find:
Practical accommodation with a limited range of facilities and services but a high standard of cleanliness throughout. Friendly and courteous staff to give you the help and information you need to enjoy your stay. Restaurant / eating area open to you and your guests for breakfast and dinner. Alcoholic drinks will be served in a bar or lounge. 75% of bedrooms will have private or en-suite facilities.

At a two star hotel you will find:
(in addition to what is provided at one star)
Good overnight accommodation with more comfortable bedrooms, better equipped - all with en-suite or private facilities and colour TV. A relatively straighforward range of services, including food and drink and a personal style of service.  A restaurant / dining room for breakfast and dinner. A lift normally available.

At a three star hotel you will find:
(in addition to what is provided at one star and two star)
Possibly larger establishments, but all offering significantly greater quality and range of facilities and services, and usually more spacious public areas and bedrooms. A more formal style of service with a receptionist on duty and staff responding well to your needs and requests. Room service of continental breakfast. Laundry service available. A wide selection of drinks, light lunch and snacks served in a bar or lounge.

At a four star hotel you will find:
(In addition to what is provided at one, two and three star)
Accommodation offering superior comfort and quality; all bedrooms with en-suite bath, fitted overhead shower and WC. The hotel will have spacious and very well appointed public areas and will put a strong emphasis on food and drink. Staff will have very good technical and social skills, anticipating and responding to your needs and requests. Room service of all meals and 24 hour drinks, refreshments and snacks. Dry cleaning service available.

At a five star hotel you will find:
(in addition to what is provided at a one, two, three and four star)
A spacious, luxurious establishment offering you the highest international quality of accommodation, facilities, services and cuisine. It will have striking accommodation throughout, with a range of extra facilities. You will feel very well cared for by professional, attentive staff providing flawless guest services. An hotel setting the highest international standards for the industry, with an air of luxury, exceptional comfort and a sophisticated ambience.

The Diamond ratings for Guest Accommodation reflect visitor expectations in this sector. The quality of what is provided is more important to visitors than a wide range of facilities and services. Therefore, the same minimum requirement for facilities and services applies to all Guest Accommodation from one to five diamonds, while progressively higher level of quality and custmer care must be provided for each of the One to Five Diamond ratings.

At one diamond guest accommodation you will find:
Clean accommodation providing acceptable comfort with functional decor, and offering, as a minimum, a full cooked or continental breakfast. Other meals, where provided, will be freshly cooked. You will have a comfortable bed, with clean bed linen and towels and fresh soap. Adequate hot water and heating available at reasonable times for baths or showers at no extra charge. An acceptable overall level of quality and service.

At two diamond Guest Accommodation you will find:
(In addition to what is provided at one diamond).
A sound overall level of quality and customer care in all areas.

At three diamond Guest Accommodation you will find:
(In addition to what is provided at two diamond).
A good overall level of quality. For example, good quality, comfortable bedrooms; well maintained, practical decor; a good choice of quality items available for breakfast; other meals, where provided, will be freshly cooked from good quality ingredients. A good degree of comfort provided for you, with good levels of customer care.

At four diamond Guest Accommodation you will find:
(In addition to what is provided at three diamond).
A very good overall level of quality in all areas and customer care showing very good levels of attention to your needs.

At five diamond Guest Accommodation you will find:
(In addition to what is provided at four diamond).
An excellent overall level of quality.  Fore example, ample space with a degree of luxury, an excellent quality bed, high quality furniture, excellent interior design. Breakfast offering a wide choice of  high quality fresh ingredients; other meals, where provided, featuring fresh, seasonal local ingredients. Excellent levels of customer care, anticipating your needs.

Self Catering Accommodation uses keys to denote their grading. One to Five key, tell you the range of facilities and equipment you can expect. The more keys, the wider the range. Establishments are also awarded APPROVED, COMMENDED, HIGHLY COMMENDED or DELUXE ratings for quality.

Clean and comfortable accommodation with cooker (including oven and grill); fridge; TV; adequate table and seating provisions; full inventory of crockery, cutlery and equipment.

Facilities and equipment as for One Key, plus: colour TV; automatic electric kettle; easy chair seating; electrical shaver point or adaptor.

Facilities and equipment as for Two Keys, plus: the unit will be self contained; vacuum cleaner; ironing facilities; linen and towels provided free or for hire.

Facilities and equipment as for Three Keys, plus: washing machine and tumble dryer available; garden furniture where there is a patio or garden; coffee maker.

Facilities and equipment as for Four Keys, plus: washing machine and tumble dryer or laundry facilities; telephone; hairdyer; dishwasher; fridge freezer; food processor and microwave all available within the unit.

The National Accessibility Scheme for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility

Places to stay that display one of the three signs shown below care about Accessibility. When you see one of th three symbols, you can be sure that the establishment has been thoroughly assessed agains demanding criteria.

The English Tourism Council has hundreds of accessible properties in this sheme, and the three different categories will help you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Category 1: Accessible to a wheelchair user travelling independently.

Category 2: Accessible to a weelchair user travelling with assistance.

Category 3: Accessible to someone with limited mobility, able to walk a few paces and up a maximum of three steps.

Graded Holiday Parks
The British Graded Holiday Parks Scheme
has been relaunched for the new Millennium. From November 1999 onwards the English Tourism Council is using Stars to show the rating of Holiday Parks and Camping Parks. The new scheme is the result of extensive research into what visitors are looking for, ensuring that you can easily find a park that meets your expectations. Parks are visited annually by trained, impartial assessors. A rating of from 1 to 5 stars is awarded based on the quality of service, cleanliness, environment and facilities provided.

The Wales Tourist Board operates a similar grading system to the English Tourism Council, except that Stars are used for Guest Accommodation instead of Diamonds.

Booking Accommodation

To make your reservation, telephone or write to the establishment of your choice. Alternatively, upon arrival at the Royal Forest of Dean our Tourist Information staff will be happy to assist with booking accommodation for you - this service is FREE of charge - please check the opening times of the Tourist Information Centre

The inclusion of an establishment in this guide should not be classified as a recommendation by the Forest of Dean District Council.

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