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21 ways to Save the World

  1. Use an alternative to peat in your garden
  2. Make compost from kitchen greens
  3. Turn off electrical appliances and lights to save electricity
  4. Look for environmentally-friendly, efficient appliances
  5. Use public transport, if only occasionally
  6. Share transport to work, college, school or leisure
  7. Support local shops
  8. Buy locally produced goods and materials
  9. Collect rainwater for your garden
  10. Save water by putting a brick or bottle of water in your toilet cistern
  11. Re-use and recycle as much as you can
  12. Shop for items that are not over-packaged
  13. Have you car services regularly to minimise pollution
  14. Keep for by cycling or walking
  15. Buy electricity from renewable sources
  16. Leave a corner of your garden untidy for wildlife
  17. Look out for your neighbours
  18. Be an active customer - question how things are produced, used and disposed of
  19. Keep the heat in your home by making sure it's well insulated
  20. If you can spare the time, get involved with local environment issues
  21. Think about the impact of what we do on people in other parts of the world

Remember that however small or insignificant you think that your contribution is - every little helps
and many small actions, put together, can make a real difference.


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