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Refuse Collection Details

Christmas/New Year 2001/2002

Normal Collection DateRevised Collection Date
Monday 24 December 2001Monday 24 December 2001
Tuesday 25 December 2001Thursday 27 December 2001
Wednesday 26 December 2001Friday 28 December 2001
Thursday 27 December 2001Saturday 29 December 2001
Friday 28 December 2001Monday 31 December 2001
Monday 31 December 2001Wednesday 2 January 2002
Tuesday 1 January 2002Thursday 3 January 2002
Wednesday 2 January 2002Friday 4 January 2002
Thursday 3 January 2002Saturday 5 January 2002
Friday 4 January 2002 Monday 7 January 2002
Monday 7 January 2002Tuesday 8 January 2002
Tuesday 8 January 2002Wednesday 9 January 2002
Wednesday 9 January 2002Thursday 10 January 2002
Thursday 10 January 2002Friday 11 January 2002
Friday 11 January 2002Saturday 12 January 2002

All other bank holiday collection arrangments will be one day later than normal with the excpetion of Good Friday
which will be a normal collection day.

Please ensure that refuse and paper boxes are placed on the kerbside by 7:30am on the relevant day of collection.

To All Householders

Please do no put paint or cans in with your domestic refuse. It is illegal to dispose of these items in this way. The spillage and damage to road surfaces are costly to clean and repair. Please ensure that paint and oil are disposed of properly at a civic amenity site either Oak Quarry, Broadwell or Hempsted Lane, Gloucester.

Adverse Weather Conditions

In the event of any adverse weather conditions throughout the year please ring the refuse information help-line 01594 812666 for any changes to refuse collection days.

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