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War on Waste

The following is a guide to the disposal of household hazardous and difficult waste.


Small Quantities - Max: 6ft x 2 ft x 2 sheets (24 sq ft).
Contact: Gloucestershire Country Council Environment Department Tel. 01452 425278.

Large Quantities
Contact: Cory Environmental Tel. 01452 308400 or a Waste Disposal Company.


  • Car Batteries are accepted by some garages and all Household Waste / Recycling Centres.
  • Mobile phone batteries should be returned to the shop.
  • Ordinary batteries can be disposed of in your normal household waste unless in large quantities.

Car Tyres

  • A.T.S. Tel. 01452 527329 - a small charge per tyre is made.
  • B&C Saunders, Whiteshoots Garage, Bourton-on-the-Water Tel. 01451 822397


Contacts for disposal:

  • Steve Haynes Tel. 01452 507465 Email: [email protected]
  • Bytes Twice Tel. 01666 860409 c/o Waste Watch
  • ICER Tel. 01714 575022
  • Furniture Recycling Project Tel. 01452 331333

Clinical Waste/Drugs

Contact chemists or doctors surgery for information on collection through Health Trust - there is a charge if not classed as low grade.

Cooking Oil

  • Affiliated Oil Reclamation Tel. 01633 281000 or Tel. 01703 584771
  • Oil Filters to scrap metal merchants or household waste / recycling centres.

Fluorescent Tubes

  • Small quantities can be delivered to all household waste / recycling centres.
  • Large quantities - contact Cory Environmental Tel. 01452 308400 or Bakersfield Tel. 01425 462522.

Garden Chemicals

Small quantities can go in with household waste, or deliver to the household waste / recycling centre in Hempstead where there is a collection point.

Gas Cylinders

If possible return to point of purchase. Your local Ermin Plant, Bristol Road, Gloucester Tel. 01452 526616 may collect gas cylinders otherwise contact Cleansing Services Group Tel. 01386 442620.

Mobile Phones

Contact your mobile phone company they may run a take back service. There is a recycling scheme for old phones. Visit website

BT have set up a nation-wide scheme through their communication centres to collect mobile phones and batteries.

Paint/De-icing Fluid

Deliver to householdware / recycling centre at Hempsted, Gloucester. For larger quantities contact Gloucestershire Resource Centre Tel. 01452 504442.

Empty tins of paint or dried paint can be left out with your normal refuse, please leave lids off.

Paraffin/Leaded Petrol

Take to the Chemical Bank at the household waste / recycling centre in Hempsted, Gloucester.

Petcare Products

Petcare products and waste can be double bagged and put in with your normal refuse.

Smoke Detectors

  • Small quantities can go in with household waste.
  • Large quantities (for the Thames Region) contact Environment Agency Tel. 01684 850951

Toner Cartridges

Greencare Tel. 08700 502050 or return to supplier.


For further information:

If you have an item which you think is hazardous but is not on our list please contact the
Environment Agency Tel. 0845 933 3111

Forest of Dean District Council - Tel. 01495 810000
Gloucestershire County Council - Tel. 01452 425278


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