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The council aims to be an organization that will provide an efficient, yet cost-effective response to the changing demands made upon it. It will achieve this by concentrating on the following areas :-

ORGANISATION We are aiming to provide high quality, cost effective services.
SERVICE DELIVERY We are ensuring that services are provided efficiently and effectively.
PARTNERSHIP We are working with partners in the private, public and voluntary sectors to regenerate the area.
PARTICIPATION We are encouraging the individual to participate more in the democratic process.
WORKFORCE We are developing a well-trained and motivated workforce.
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY We are using information technology to improve service delivery.


Facts and Figures

Members 49

Three political groups:
Labour 29
Independent 12
Liberal Democrat


Three Members are not in a political group.

Budgets 1997/98

General Fund (net) £ 7,097,000

Housing Revenue Account £11,233,000

O.S.B. Capital Programme 1997 - 2000 £ 5,600,000 (£1,900,000 financed by Council)


Facts and Figures

Directorates Four: Strategy
Central Services
Housing and Environmental Services
Planning and Leisure Services

Strategic issues in place or being tackled:

Agency Agreements Services to be provided efficiently and effectively and continue to break-even.
Enhanced Service Delivery
Partnership Agreement
Review, monitor and develop with the County and Town and Parish Councils.
Service Specifications Prepare specifications for all services subject to C.C.T.
Service Plans Review and develop plans for all services.


Strategic issues in place or being tackled:

Forest Regeneration Partnership Develop the role of the Partnership to regenerate the area economically, socially and environmentally. Encourage inward investment, wealth creation and measures to improve the quality of life in the Forest of Dean.
Community Plan Develop the Plan with key partners.
Grants Strategy Target 80% of grants to voluntary sector to organisations that assist with social and economic regeneration.
Service Level  Agreements In place with C.A.B. and Forest Road Unemployed Resource Centre.


Strategic issues in place or being tackled:

Access to Advice Study Implement recommendations which will improve access to and information about services.
Citizen's Jury Initiate a pilot scheme in 1997/98.
Access to Information Encourage more public attendance at Council and Committee meetings.
Equal Opportunities Policy Undertake an awareness campaign and publicity to increase usage of services by all sectors of the community in need.

Service reviews to ensure that special needs groups have access to services.

Implement changes necessary arising from Disability Discrimination Act.

Initiate independent living facility within the Forest.

Public Relations Strategy Review to emphasise importance of civic duties in promoting the area.


Facts and Figures

Number of staff 476 (334 full time equivalents)

Strategic issues in place or being tackled:

Staff Development Strategy Implement and monitor its effectiveness. Develop quality training programmes to ensure effective service delivery and customer care.
Individual Development  Initiative Staff appraisal and identification of personal development needs for all staff.
C.C.T. Strategy - Support successful in-house bids by reviewing service levels and costs.

- Review the mechanism for internal recharging.

- Review corporate costs.


Facts and Figures

Hardware - 6 Bull DPX20 (UNIX)
- Rank Xerox 4235 high speed laser printer
- 150 PCS (IBM compatible)
- 60 "dumb" terminals
- 30 departmental medium speed laser printers
- 70 departmental screen dump PC laser or dot matrix printers
Network - Racal Datacom utilising TCP/IP and ethernet protocols
Software - Saffron housing management system
- Sanderson revenues system
- Nucleus financial management system
- Ocella environmental health system
- Ocella housing grants system
- ONGO from UNIPLEX office environment
- Crest cash receipting system.

Strategic issues in place or being tackled:

I. T. Strategy - Promote new initiatives where real benefit can be obtained.

- Implement cash receipting system (Crest) in 1997

- Start work on replacement of financial management system.

- Investigate use of DIP/workflow management.

- Training for Members on using Information Technology

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