Chapter 52

Worrall Hill

52.1 Worrall Hill is a small settlement closely bounded by the Statutory Forest. It is located on the northern edge of the Forest Ring, on high ground between Lydbrook and the A.4136. The village is set within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan, surrounded by planted Forest and areas of forest waste. Within the settlement boundary there are a number of open areas which help to make up the form of the village and provide areas of visual and amenity importance.
52.2 The village is very compact in its overall form, partly due to the process of infilling which has taken place in past years. This process of infilling has left little opportunity for further development of the built up area within the village. The built environment is largely made up of a mixture of post war local authority and private housing. Older traditional forest dwellings are evident within the village, however the character of these areas has changed following the construction of modern housing estate developments.
52.3 The present population of Worrall Hill is approximately 400 with a dwelling stock of 153. The village has limited local facilities, including a recreation ground with an associated social club and a chapel.
Development Strategy
52.4 The Plan strategy for Worrall Hill will limit new housing to infilling comprising of one or two new dwellings within the defined settlement boundary, although few appropriate sites are likely to be available. Proposals for development in Worrall Hill should be compatible with the settled and established character of the village.
52.5 The Inset Map identifies a number of open areas within the settlement boundary which are of amenity and visual importance. These areas will be protected from development. In addition the Plan will retain the existing tightly drawn defined settlement boundary in order to protect the surrounding countryside from development.


Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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