Chapter 46


46.1 Upleadon is a small village which has grown up at the intersection of two minor roads, about 5 kilometres to the east of Newent. The village is set within an attractive agricultural landscape. The approaches to Upleadon are via narrow lanes. The village is quite compact in its overall form, partly due to the process of residential infilling which has taken place in past years. However, many individual properties are set in spacious surroundings. The village overall has a spacious character resulting from the incidence of large curtilages, the presence of green roadside verges, and the open fields which directly adjoin the village boundary. There are also areas of woodland adjoining Upleadon which are important features in the landscape.
46.2 The village contains about 35 houses and has virtually no local services other than a village hall and a church, the latter located some distance outside the village. In 1998 the population was estimated to be 85. There were no outstanding consents for new dwellings at January 1999.
Development Strategy
46.3 The village has few local services and the road access is very limited. The Plan strategy will limit new residential development to infilling only, although few appropriate sites are likely to be available. The tightly drawn defined settlement boundary will protect the surrounding countryside from development. Little change is anticipated in Upleadon over the Plan period.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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