Chapter 44


44.1 Tibberton is situated approximately 8 kilometres to the north-west of Gloucester within an attractive lowland agricultural setting. Access to Tibberton is restricted via a narrow and poorly aligned lane off the B.4215. Gloucester is within commuting distance, a factor which has contributed to past levels of housing development within the village.
44.2 In 1998 the estimated village population was approximately 485. The village has grown significantly in the last forty years with the addition of modern housing estates, although the last decade has seen a much slower rate of growth. Much of the village comprises therefore modern development. Within the centre of the village there are traditional red brick properties, characteristic of this part of the District and which form an important part of the local environment. At the beginning of January 1999 there were no outstanding residential commitments in Tibberton.
44.3 Tibberton has few services for a village of its size. Services are limited to a Primary School and a private recreation ground. A church is located some distance outside the village.
44.4 The close proximity of Gloucester means that Tibberton is largely a dormitory settlement. Public transport in the form of buses is infrequent, but is sufficient to potentially allow for commuting.
Development Strategy
44.5 New residential development in Tibberton will be limited to infilling within the defined settlement boundary of the village, although there are very few opportunities remaining for further development. The strategy of the Plan is to safeguard the distinctive lowland countryside surrounding Tibberton, by means of restricting development in the open countryside beyond the defined settlement boundary. The restricted level of local services and poor access mean that the village is not a suitable location for development other than restricted infilling.
44.6 Several open spaces within Tibberton make a positive amenity contribution and will be protected. These comprise of a private recreation ground adjoining Muzzle Patch and several smaller grassed amenity areas.
44.7 Traffic in the narrow main street in Tibberton causes some disturbance. Consideration will be given to the potential for traffic calming measures within the village to achieve an improvement to local amenity.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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