Chapter 41

St. Briavels


41.1 St. Briavels is located approximately 8 kilometres to the south west of Coleford, situated on the plateau above the Wye Valley. The village has strong historical associations with the Forest of Dean and was once the administrative core of the Royal Forest. It was formerly located within the Forest but now lies about 5 kilometres south west of the present day Forest boundary. The village lies partly within the Wye Valley AONB and the remainder falls within the Special Landscape Area.
41.2 The village has a particularly attractive core, centred around the castle (a scheduled ancient monument), the church and the High Street. The village can be divided into two distinct areas, whose character reflects the different age and style of the buildings in each. The historic core of the village, which forms part of the designated Conservation Area, contains in the main buildings of traditional stone and slate construction. In contrast the eastern part of the village is predominantly made up of modern estate development which bears little relationship to the traditional form and character of the rest of the settlement.
41.3 St. Briavels supports a good range of local services, including a post office, a shop, two public houses, a garage and a school. In addition there is a Parish Church, youth hostel, a surgery and a substantial and well equipped recreation ground. These services together with a few small businesses provide some limited local employment. Tourism helps to support the local economy. The B.4228 which bisects the settlement provides a good access to the village.
41.4 The present population of St. Briavels is approximately 750, with a housing stock of 298 in 1999. There have been 73 dwelling completions since 1981, comprising a number of small estates and infill development. In October 1999 there was only one outstanding consent, for the conversion of a building to a dwelling.
Development Strategy
41.5 St. Briavels is set in a particularly prominent position in open countryside above the Wye Valley. The village lies partly within the Wye Valley AONB, and partly within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan. The strategy of the Plan is to contain development within a tightly drawn settlement boundary in order to safeguard the landscape character of the area and to protect the overall setting, form and character of this attractive village. The strategy will allow infilling and small groups of new dwellings within the village although there are likely to be few opportunities for residential development. Within the historic core however a more restrictive policy will operate limiting new development to that which would positively improve the built environment.
41.6 Several open areas of amenity importance have been identified on the Inset Map, including the green areas around the Castle. The village recreation ground is another important open space. The Plan will protect these important open areas from development, both public recreational space and valuable amenity open areas.
41.7 Development will need to be compatible with the quality of the built environment and careful attention will be paid to the impact of development upon the designated Conservation Area. Archaeological assessments may be required to accompany development applications.
Built Environment
Restriction on Development
(R)F.St Briavels 1

Residential development including infilling will not be permitted within the area identified on the Inset Map. Exceptions will be made only where proposals would result in a significant improvement to the built environment and to the amenity of the area. All new development will be required to complement the established and settled character of the area.

41.8 The area shown as (R)F.St Briavels 1 on the Inset Map has been drawn to include that part of St. Briavels which is most sensitive to change. The quality of the built environment is particularly high, and there are no obvious opportunities for new building within this area. Where a proposal would lead to positive improvement to the amenity and quality of the built environment, exceptions to the policy may apply.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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