Chapter 42

Staunton (Coleford)

42.1 Staunton (near Coleford) is a small village situated on high ground above the River Wye, and is located wholly within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is set within an extensive area of woodland known as Highmeadow Wood, which forms part of the Dean Forest Park. The village has good access being on the A.4136. This does cause some environmental problems due to traffic volumes through the village, although much of the village is located away from the main road. Virtually all of Staunton is designated a Conservation Area. The village has a long history, associated with iron making in local foundries in the early Middle Ages. Today the village form shows an intermixing of old and new, with two small estates being added to the village in recent years, together with some infilling.
42.2 Staunton has a limited range of services, which include a shop, village hall, Church, public house and a garage. These, together with a nursing home offer some local employment. Monmouth and Coleford are both nearby on the A.4136, and offer a wider range of services and employment.
42.3 The village has a housing stock of about 98 dwellings and a population of about 240. There were outstanding consents for 2 dwellings in Staunton on 1st January, 2000. A longstanding permission exists for a motel development with four associated dwellings on land adjacent Wellmeadow. Permission was granted in April 1971 and works have commenced on site. Construction of the dwellings is dependant on construction of the motel.
Development Strategy
42.4 Staunton is situated on high ground and is very prominent from a number of vantage points. The village itself is on sloping ground, with the lower part overlooked from above. Staunton lies wholly within the Wye Valley AONB. The built environment is of a high quality, with most of the village being a Conservation Area. The combination of all these characteristics is such that very great care is required to ensure that development is not obtrusive within the village, or when viewed from outside. The high quality of the surrounding landscape inhibits any proposal for intrusion into the open countryside. The overall strategy for Staunton is to maintain and enhance the attractive character of the village and the landscape setting of the Wye Valley AONB. The settlement boundary for Staunton has been tightly drawn to restrict the expansion of the village into the surrounding very high quality landscape and new housing will be limited to developments of one or two dwellings in suitable locations. As a result there is likely to be only limited opportunity for new development. All proposals for development will be required to have regard to the need to protect or enhance the Conservation Area. An archaeological assessment may be required to accompany applications for development.
42.5 The traffic on the A.4136 road has a detrimental effect upon the village. However, this road will continue to form an essential part of the principal route network of the Forest of Dean. Some traffic management measures have recently been introduced and the County Council will continue to monitor the situation.
42.6 Five open areas are identified as worthy of protection These are the churchyard, the area around The Pound, an area on the western boundary of the village plus two smaller areas around The Cross.
42.7 A new sewerage system for Staunton is currently being installed to alleviate existing problems of private drainage systems. Any development must ensure that proper provision is made for infrastructure.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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