Chapter 43

Staunton / Corse


43.1 The settlement of Staunton / Corse is situated about 12 kilometres north of Gloucester on the A.417. The settlement has a very dispersed character and covers a large area. For the most part development is confined to narrow frontages along the A.417 and several minor roads connecting to this principal road.
43.2 The key to understanding the fragmented and dispersed nature of Staunton/Corse is a knowledge of the attempt to establish a Chartist Community in the area in the mid nineteenth century. A number of blocks of land were purchased and altogether some ninety houses were constructed, all of the same basic design and each with a small plot of land of between two and five acres. Although the scheme to set up an ideal community failed, most of the houses survive though many have been much altered. A significant number have been listed as being of Architectural or Historic Interest where the overall form and individual features of the original building remain, and the majority of the historic settlement is in a Conservation Area which is proposed to be enlarged to include additional land and buildings once associated with the Chartist venture. This reflects what remains a most striking feature of the settlement, namely the survival of much of the original layout of the plots themselves, in rows, crescents and blocks.
43.3 In more recent times new development has added features to the settlement. There is clear evidence of a period of infilling of modern buildings along some road frontages. However, the overall open and spacious feeling and the dispersed nature of the settlement is still very evident. There is one significant area of consolidated modern development, off Prince Crescent, where a post war local authority housing estate and a scheme of 75 houses have been completed on land to its north.
Development Strategy
43.4 Through out most of the settlement of Staunton/ Corse the underlying character is that of fragmentary and dispersed areas of development set within the open countryside. Therefore the Plan proposes to treat proposals for new housing in most of Staunton/ Corse as if they were part of the open countryside. The aim will be to preserve and protect the open dispersed nature of Staunton/ Corse.
43.5 However there is an area of more recent development around Prince Crescent which presents a different character from the remainder of the settlement. Here a defined settlement boundary has been drawn tightly around the area, within which further housing in the form of infilling and single dwellings will be permitted along with a modest allocation of approximately 20 dwellings.
43.6 The strategy will give very high priority to the protection and improvement of the historical features of the former Chartist settlement. The Conservation Area boundary is shortly to be redrawn to encompass virtually all of the original Chartist Settlement.
43.7 Policies will seek to preserve and improve individual buildings and also the pattern of plots which formed the original settlement layout.
43.8 Staunton /Corse offers a range of services and there is local employment at Staunton Court ,in converted farm buildings and a small development of industrial units off Gloucester Road. The Plan will support the continued use of these sites for employment purposes.
Housing Allocation - Land off Chartist Way
(R)F.Staunton /Corse 1

Approximately 1.0 hectare of land off Chartist Way will be allocated for the provision of approximately 20 new dwellings and open space. Development will be required to:

  1. Provide vehicular access from the Chartist Way development
  2. Provide an appropriate number of affordable housing units
  3. Provide for landscaping to the site boundaries and within the site
  4. Provide safe and convenient pedestrian and cycle links to local services

    In addition the Council will seek to negotiate the following:

  5. An appropriate contribution to the educational provision of the future occupiers of the site.

43.9 The above site is located to the west of Chartist Way, and is identified as an area suitable for the development of approximately 20 dwellings. The Plan will support proposals which bring forward a development which secures a mix of dwelling sizes. The Forest of Dean District Council will seek to negotiate an appropriate number of affordable housing units to meet local need over the Plan period.
43.10 The site is open in nature being part of an agricultural field. Existing development to the east of the site will assist the visual containment of the development. Development will visible from the rear of existing properties along Prince Crescent and Ledbury Crescent. The northern boundary of the site is adjacent to the existing Conservation Area Boundary and any development of the site must consider the impact of the new development on the properties within the Conservation Area and the overall layout of the former Chartist Settlement.
Built Environment
43.11 The remaining features and evidence of the Chartist settlement will be protected as a record of an important event in the social history of the country. The Chartist settlement at Staunton /Corse is probably the best preserved of all such settlements in the country, particularly with respect to the original layout of the plots. As a result of the above, areas of Staunton / Corse were designated a Conservation Area in 1976. More recently, a Conservation Area Character Appraisal for Staunton Corse has been prepared which proposes the enlargement of the Conservation Area boundary. A programme of public consultation is currently in progress and it is anticipated that the new conservation area boundary will be adopted in the year 2000.
43.12 Policies within the Local Plan will seek to protect the layout and character of the settlement. It is equally important to protect the design features of individual buildings, in particular the listed buildings. Where cottages are not listed consideration will be given to the use of an Article 4 direction, to protect important features from undesirable change.
43.13 The A.417 provides good access to Gloucester and the Motorway network. However the volume of traffic using the road has an impact on local amenity although there is a speed limit within the village. There may be some potential for the introduction of traffic management measures, with the aim of reducing this impact, and this will be considered during the Plan period.
Natural Environment
43.14 The area of land at the entrance of Chartist Way has been identified as being of amenity value. This area along with the recreation ground will be retained as open areas.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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