Chapter 40


40.1 Sling is a large village situated approximately 3 kilometres from Coleford on the western edge of the Forest Ring of settlements. The village originally developed around the mineral extraction industries in this location, particularly the mining of iron. The remains of these activities are evident, particularly to the west of the village.
40.2 The form of the village is largely a result of post war building, comprised largely of local authority and private housing estates. To the south of the village the built environment displays a more open form of layout more typical of the original settlement.
40.3 Sling lies within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan, and adjoins many particularly attractive areas of forest waste and mature oaks in the Forest margins. Of particular note is Clearwell Meend, to the west, an area rich in natural and industrial history.
40.4 Sling has a limited number of local services, including a post office and general store, fabric shop, two public houses, a social club and a children's play area. There is no school, the nearest being at Ellwood. The overall level of services in Sling is quite restricted for a village of its size, although services are available in Coleford. Employment is provided by a number of local businesses the majority of which are located on a large industrial site to the north of the village. This site was developed on the site of an old iron mine and is principally occupied by one large engineering company.
40.5 The present population of Sling is approximately 886, with a housing stock of 349. There have been 54 dwelling completions since 1981. In January 2000 there were outstanding consents for 2 dwellings with a further 3 dwellings currently under construction.
Development Strategy
40.6 Sling is a large village set within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan. The village has experienced a process of continuous development over the last 30 years resulting in limited opportunities for further development within the Defined Settlement Boundary. The Plan strategy will allow the development of small groups of dwellings and infilling within the settlement boundary where suitable sites with satisfactory access can be identified.
40.7 The industrial site located on the northern edge of Sling is a prominent feature within the surrounding landscape, and detracts from the amenity of adjoining areas, including residential property and informal recreational space. This site offers the opportunity for further development or redevelopment. Environmental enhancements will be sought as part of any new proposals.
40.8 In addition to the above the strategy identifies a further 0.94 hectares of land immediately to the south of the existing employment site for employment purposes. Development proposals on the site will be required to implement a programme of environmental improvements and maintain the amenity of adjacent residential dwellings.
40.9 Sling is set in an attractive landscape, with substantial areas of very attractive forest waste on its periphery. The defined settlement boundary will remain tightly drawn to safeguard these features. Within the settlement boundary, especially to the north, little or no provision has been made for open space. However, there are open areas in the southern part of the village which contribute to a more dispersed character. These areas are identified on the Inset Map and will be protected from development.
  Employment Site - Safeguarding



(R)F.Sling 1

Proposals for the development or redevelopment of land identified on the Inset Map for employment uses will be permitted where the proposals meet the requirements of Policy (R)FE.2. Development for other uses will not be permitted.

40.10 Policy (R)F.Sling 1 seeks to secure the continued employment use of the large industrial site located to the immediate north of Sling. In addition to continued use of the site the Policy seeks to encourage a process of further development or redevelopment which would secure environmental and amenity improvements.
40.11 During the previous Plan period efforts have been made to redevelop the north of the site, however these have largely been temporary measures. Investigations are currently being undertaken to identify the extent of possible contamination on the site. Despite recent redevelopment, the site remains an intrusive feature in the landscape and amenity of the surrounding area. Further redevelopment of the site during the Plan period should aim to improve the overall appearance of the site. Redevelopment proposals will be required to undertake any necessary remedial work to alleviate any problems of contamination which may exist on the site and maintain a satisfactory environment.
Employment and Environmental Enhancement



(R)F.Sling 2

0.94 hectares of land to the east of Sling will be allocated for employment use and environmental improvements. Proposals for the development of Area A and redevelopment of Area B will be required to comply with the following criteria:

  1. Within Area A development will be restricted to B1 use only
  2. Within Area B proposals for development or redevelopment will be permitted subject to their compliance with Policies (R)FE.1 and (R)FE.2
  3. Have a single point of vehicular access from Parkend Walk
  4. Provide an appropriate landscaped screen to the rear of residential properties along the western boundary of the site
  5. Provide an overall improvement of the built environment and amenity of the area.

40.12 Policy (R)F.Sling 2 identifies an area of land between the engineering works to the north and the village itself to the south. The site is divided into two areas. Area A is located to the north of the site and comprises an area of derelict land. Area B is located to the south of the site and is currently partly occupied by a building contractor. Access to Area A should be obtained through Area B.
40.13 During the previous Plan period land comprising Area B has experienced a variety of uses, including B1, B2 and B8. Intensification of existing uses and future redevelopment of the site will be supported where proposals satisfy the requirements of Policy (R)F.Sling 2 and produce environmental and amenity improvements. Development within Area A will be restricted to Class B1 use only, thereby limiting the level of disturbance which any development may have upon neighbouring residential uses.
40.14 Previous uses of the site may have resulted in ground contamination. Any developer will be required to investigate the site to determine the extent of any contamination and implement remedial measures before development commences.
40.15 The site offers the opportunity to bring forward new employment uses over the Plan period, adding to the pool of local employment sites within the District. The Plan will support proposals which lead to an improvement of the environment of the area and protect the amenity of local residents. Proposals will be required to provide a landscaped screen along the rear of residential dwellings adjacent to the western boundary of the site to limit any disturbances which may result from development. The design and landscaping of proposed development schemes will be important as will the need to keep the permitted use within the B1 Use Class. Open storage and hours of operation will also be regulated. Further detailed guidance is provided in a development brief prepared for the site.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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