Chapter 39

Ruardean Woodside

39.1 Ruardean Woodside is located on the northern edge of the Forest Ring of settlements. It lies wholly within the statutory Forest and is surrounded by forest waste, woodland and agricultural land which form part of the Special Landscape Area of the Plan. The village is typical of a Forest Ring settlement, characterised by a random pattern of buildings interweaved with small fields, forest waste, lanes and tracks. Within the settlement are areas of intensive development where modern infilling and small groups of dwellings have been built, including post war local authority housing and a variety of more recent private houses. The built form of the older buildings utilises traditional materials of stone and slate. Newer development however generally displays a variety of styles and materials, not always in harmony with the traditional built environment.
39.2 Ruardean Woodside has only limited local services which include a grocery store /post office, a school and a village hall. There are several small businesses in the village which provide a very limited source of local employment.
39.3 The population of Ruardean Woodside in January 2000 was approximately 340 with a housing stock of 140 The dwelling stock has experienced a recent increase through the completion of 16 new dwellings on the site of the former Roebuck Public House. There remains an outstanding planning consent for a single dwelling.
Development Strategy
39.4 Ruardean Woodside is characterised by an open and disaggregated character which is susceptible to erosion by small scale infilling. The strategy provides only for infill housing development within the settlement boundary. Any development permitted will be required to respect the original settlement form and the attractive open quality of the village. There may be opportunities to secure small environmental improvements in the village through the redevelopment of sites which are poor neighbours at present. Overall little change is anticipated in the village during the Plan period.
39.5 There are many important open areas of forest waste within the village which contribute significantly to the settlement form and character and provide areas of amenity value. These include areas of highway verge and track which provide small but important green areas which add to the character of the settlement. The larger of these areas are identified on the Inset Map. Within the settlement boundary are a number of open areas which are individually too small to be identified on the Inset Map. The contribution of these smaller open areas will be evaluated as part of the assessment of any development proposal, taking into account their contribution to the settlement form and character.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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