Chapter 36


36.1 Redmarley is a small village located in the north Forest. Almost all of the village is designated a Conservation Area, reflecting the high quality of the compact built form of the settlement. The village contains about 70 houses with a population of about 150. The village has a school, a church, a village hall, and recreational facilities including a football ground and tennis court. There are no shops in the village and no employment of any significance.
36.2 There has been little change in the parish or village population since the early1980's though there have been about 11 housing completions. There were no outstanding housing commitments in the village on January 1st 1999.
Development Strategy
36.3 The village offers few opportunities for further development. It has few services and has restricted accessibility. The need to protect and enhance the Conservation Area and the surrounding countryside means that there is now very little potential for further development. New development will therefore be restricted to infilling and single dwellings on appropriate sites within the defined Settlement Boundary.
36.4 There are a number of open areas and several narrow lanes and path ways within the village which contribute to the settlement character of the village. The long history of the settlement makes it of archaeological interest and appropriate investigation is likely to be required as part of any new development. Redmarley village lies within a groundwater protection area and the potential impact of any new development on this resources will need to be carefully evaluated as part of any development proposal .

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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