Chapter 35


35.1 Redbrook is located in the Wye Valley, approximately 5 kilometres south of Monmouth. The village lies wholly within the AONB and occupies a very cramped setting on the confined valley floors of the River Wye and two small tributary valleys.
35.2 The built-up area of Redbrook is mostly located to the east of the main road (A.466) and contains a wide variety of housing styles. Vehicle access is a significant problem in those parts of the village not located on the valley floor. The present population of Redbrook is approximately 372 with a housing stock of 149 in January 2000. The village has seen a significant growth in housing stock over the previous Plan period through the development of 44 new dwellings on the site of the former tinplate works. In January 2000 there were 3 outstanding planning consents on this site.
35.3 Land to the west of the village adjacent to the River Wye is largely open in character. This area includes a football ground, associated car park and other open space. A pedestrian footbridge attached to the former railway bridge crosses the river. Significant physical improvement within this area has recently taken place through a community led initiative funded by the Countryside Agency to create a Millennium Green on land comprised of tipped material derived from a former tinplate works located adjacent to the site. This project has cleared a previously derelict site and created an area of public open space. Further works in this area have also recently taken place in association with the local community, including the demolition of a vacant garage and temporary resurfacing of the site for use as a car park.
35.4 Redbrook has a limited range of local services which include a primary school and a hall, together with a football ground. In addition there is a public house close to the village and an antique shop. These services are supported by tourism which makes a significant contribution in terms of income and support for local employment. A wide range of services and employment is available in Monmouth.
35.5 Tourism plays an important role within the village. Redbrook is one of the few places on the east bank of the River Wye where provision is made for vehicle access. As a result of this and access to the Wye Valley Walk and Offa's Dyke footpath a significant number of tourists and walkers arrive at and pass through Redbrook. During the peak visitor periods problems arise in the village due to the lack of public facilities in Redbrook, especially car parking, public toilets and visitor information.
35.6 There is some disturbance to the amenity of Redbrook caused by traffic volumes on the A.466 generated from tourism and heavy goods vehicles. During the previous Plan period the District Council has worked together with the Highways Authority to overcome traffic problems. Measures have included the introduction of weight limits and new speed limit restrictions through the village. A zebra crossing has also been installed to provide safe pedestrian access to the newly created Millennium Green
35.7 Part of the village of Redbrook lies within Wales. The District Council will seek to ensure a compatible approach to policies and proposals for Redbrook by the adjacent local authorities.
Development Strategy
35.8 Redbrook is a small settlement which is physically constrained by the landform in which it is located. To the east the village is set against a backdrop of wooded hillsides which are very attractive and visually prominent, to the west is the River Wye. The River Wye is a Site of Special Scientific Interest and requires careful protection. The strategy for Redbrook is intended to protect the quality of the landscape of the AONB, both within the village and the surrounding countryside.
35.9 Throughout the village and the adjacent countryside landscape considerations are a major constraint on development. It is anticipated that there will be few development opportunities for housing in the village during the Plan period. Any such sites which do arise will be restricted to infilling and small groups of dwellings. An area of land is identified on the Inset Map alongside the B.4231 where a more restrictive policy will be implemented, restricting the potential for further development in recognition of the settled and established character of the area.
35.10 Redbrook is an important location for providing recreational access to the River Wye. The Plan strategy identifies land along the east bank of the River for the provision of improved tourist and recreational facilities. It is intended that this area should be developed only to provide small scale and appropriate visitor amenities such as car parking, public toilets, visitor information and access to the river bank for walkers. The overall intention is to produce a physical improvement to the amenity of the area. Short term measures have recently been implemented by the District Council on land formerly used by a garage. During the Plan period the District Council will work together with the community to implement a formal scheme for the site.
35.11 Development in certain parts of Redbrook may be constrained by the need to ensure it is not affected by flooding which can occur.
Built Environment
Restriction on Development
(R)F.Redbrook 1

Residential development including infilling will not be permitted on land adjacent to the B.4231 as identified on the Inset Map. Exceptions will be made only where proposals would result in a significant improvement to the built environment and to the amenity of the area. All new development will be required to complement the established and settled character of the area.

35.12 Policy (R)F.Redbrook 1 identifies land adjacent to the B.4231 which retains much of its historic character and displays an established and settled form. The introduction of new dwellings by way of infilling could prove to be detrimental to the character of this area and will not be permitted. Exceptions will be made where proposals would result in a significant improvement to the built environment or amenity of the area.
Improved Visitor Facilities
(R)F.Redbrook 2

Proposals for small scale tourism and recreational development will be permitted on land along the east bank of the River Wye as identified on the Inset Map. Development will be permitted where proposals meet the needs of visitors, provide improved access to the River Wye, and result in improvements to the amenity of the area. Proposals must have due regard to the prominent location of this site within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

35.13 During the Plan period the District Council will seek to provide improved tourism and recreational facilities on the east bank of the River Wye. The site is only suitable for development and buildings on a small scale. Proposals will need to incorporate improved access and amenity landscaping, and will need to respect the quality of the environment and prominence of this location within the AONB. Any proposals brought forward by the District Council will be developed together with the local community.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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