Chapter 34


34.1 Parkend is located within the statutory Forest and lies in a valley 6 kilometres north of Lydney. It's origins relate to the coal, stone quarrying, iron and tinplate industries which established in this area, and which were the focus of an extensive tram road and rail network.
34.2 The character of the village owes much to it's industrial past. The old railways and metal works initially confining housing into a restricted area. Later houses were built on land formerly occupied by the iron works and elsewhere in the village. There are extensive open areas within the village and the Forest landscape setting is of high amenity value.
34.3 Parkend has a good range of services, these include a post office and shop, a garage, church, several public houses and guest houses and recreation areas. The village school is some way out of the village. The village offers a variety of employment, including a timber business, haulage company, caravan sales and Forestry Commission premises. There is also a busy holiday and Caravan park nearby at Whitemead Park.
34.4 The village is a local centre for tourism and provides a variety of accommodation and some attractions. The Dean Forest Railway is presently developing what will become it's northern terminus on the station site. There are opportunities to develop rail passenger traffic and possible also freight traffic.
34.5 The population of Parkend has increased slightly over the past few years in line with the number of dwellings built. In December 1999 the village population was estimated to be 470. At the same date there were 12 outstanding commitments for dwellings of which 10 are on the site occupied by the Parkend House Hotel.
Development Strategy
34.6 The Plan strategy will resist development in the attractive countryside surrounding Parkend, which forms part of the Special Landscape Area. Within the village are substantial areas of open land of amenity and recreational value, which will also be protected by the Plan Policies. The settlement of Parkend has interesting historical associations, and these contribute to the character of the village including the rather open character of much of Parkend. The Plan will ensure that this village form is protected from the potentially detrimental effects of cumulative infilling. Residential development will be permitted on appropriate sites in the form of single dwellings, infilling and groups of dwellings. Development proposals may need to be accompanied by archaeological assessments.
34.7 Parkend contains a number of employment sites which offer more than local job opportunities. The Plan will support the continued use of these sites for employment purposes. In particular the area of the former Parkend rail sidings is suitable for further employment development.
34.8 The Plan will support further tourism development at Parkend. Policy (R)FT.5 also safeguards the line of the of the Dean Forest Railway up to Parkend for railway uses only. The Plan will support the further development of the Dean Forest Railway line for passenger and tourism development. The opportunity for rail freight development at the former Parkend rail sidings would be supported by policy (R)F.Parkend 1 with an appropriate form of development.
Former Rail Sidings



(R)F.Parkend 1

Land at the former Parkend rail sidings will be allocated for employment uses, classes B1,B2, and B8. The use of the site for rail freight purposes will be permitted provided that satisfactory provision is made for managing lorry movements on the highway network and for vehicular access to the site.

34.9 The former rail sidings at Parkend, and adjoining land, have been occupied by a number of businesses and a lorry park. Parts of the site remain undeveloped or under developed. There is an opportunity for further employment use of the site, subject to resolving some current problems of vehicular access. There is also an opportunity to consider rail freight development on site. This may not be an extensive facility, but could potentially enable some existing businesses in the central Forest area to consider rail transport for freight. The current plans of the Dean Forest Railway extend the line to the B.4431, directly adjacent to the above allocated site. Development for rail freight would require a rail crossing of the B.4431, consideration of the impact of associated HGV traffic on the adjoining highway network, and vehicular access to the site.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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