Chapter 32

Northwood Green

32.1 Northwood Green is located within a lowland agricultural landscape approximately 3 kilometres from Westbury-on-Severn. The village has a linear form which has expanded from a small agricultural settlement by way of infilling. Modern housing now makes up the larger part of the village. Access to the village is restricted by the narrow and poorly aligned lanes which connect it to other settlements. The village is surrounded by a high quality agricultural landscape.
32.2 The village has only limited local services which include a church and a social hall. A recreation ground and public house are located nearby. The nearest school is situated in the village of Westbury on Severn. Agriculture together with a timber products factory, located to the south of the village, provides limited local employment.
32.3 The present population of Northwood Green is approximately 190 with a housing stock of approximately 70 in January 2000. There remains 1 outstanding consent for a single dwelling.
Development Strategy
32.4 Northwood Green experienced an extended period of growth and change in former years. The village now has very well defined boundaries between the built up area and the surrounding countryside. The village has very limited local services and accessibility is poor. Therefore new development will be restricted by the Plan strategy, and residential development will be limited to infilling only. There are likely to be few remaining opportunities for infilling.
32.5 Two areas are identified on the Inset Map as important open areas. These will be protected from development, as will the surrounding open countryside. The poor access to Northwood Green reinforces the strategic intent to limit further development.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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