Chapter 27


27.1 Lowbands is a former Chartist settlement which is designated as a Conservation Area. It is situated in the north of the District about 16 kilometres from Gloucester. It was first established in the mid 1840's as an attempt by the Chartist Movement to settle the "working classes" on the land. Although some 40 houses were built, there are now less than that number in the settlement which has no facilities or services. Although the settlement scheme failed, it left a legacy of distinctive houses set in grounds of between one and five acres. A significant number of these have been listed as being of special architectural or historic interest. Along with the buildings much of the original layout remains, and in recognition of the historical significance of the remaining buildings and layout, virtually all of Lowbands has been designated a Conservation Area.
  Development Strategy
27.2 Lowbands has none of the characteristics of a settlement which would merit consideration for further development. It is instead regarded as being part of the Open countryside. Therefore no settlement boundary has been defined, and new development will be strongly resisted. The preservation and improvement of the Conservation Area will be pursued.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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