Chapter 26


26.1 Longhope is a large village within the north Forest, located approximately 8 kilometres from Cinderford and 14 Kilometres from Gloucester. The village stretches along a north-south valley between the A.40 in the north and the A.4136 in the south. The close proximity of the village to the principal road network provides good accessibility to surrounding towns and villages.
26.2 Longhope is set within attractive countryside which forms part of the Special Landscape Area of the Plan. The built up area of the village lies along the valley floor and reaches onto the lower slopes of the surrounding hillsides which rise steeply to the west of the village. The valley floor opens out around the southern end of Longhope and provides an attractive rural landscape which is visible from the surrounding open countryside. There is generally a sharply defined boundary between the settlement and the surrounding agricultural land, which includes significant areas of woodland and orchards. A large part of the village was designated a Conservation Area in 1990, reflecting the early development of the village and the quality of the built environment.
26.3 Longhope has a range of local services including a post office, public house, primary school, village hall and recreation ground. Further services are available in Hopes Hill which is situated to the south east of Longhope and supports a primary school, public house and chapel. Alongside the provision of local services Longhope offers a wide range of local employment, including a small industrial estate with a variety of business users and a large transport and warehousing depot.
26.4 Longhope has experienced a continued process of change. The village grew rapidly during the 1970's with the development of an extensive housing estate. Whilst this level of growth subsided during the 1980's, the village has continued to absorb small scale residential infilling. The present population of Longhope is approximately 890 with a housing stock of about 330 in January 2000. There have been 31 dwelling completions since 1981 comprising of infill development. In January 2000 there were 6 outstanding consents for single dwellings, with a further 6 dwellings under construction at Courtfield Farm.
Development Strategy
26.5 Longhope is a large village with a range of services and employment. The attractive countryside around the village forms a general constraint to development beyond the Defined Settlement Boundary. Further outward expansion of the village into the surrounding high quality and attractive landscape will be resisted.
26.6 The strategy allocates a site of 1.48 hectares for the development of housing and amenity open space. The site is capable of accommodating approximately 10 - 15 new dwellings, including a proportion of houses to meet local (affordable) needs. Development of this site will be supported in addition to opportunities for the development of small groups and single dwellings within the settlement boundary. Two areas of Longhope adjoining the access points off the A.4136 are identified as areas where a more restrictive policy will apply, restricting new development to that which would positively improve the built environment.
26.7 A large part of the village was designated as a Conservation Area in March 1990 and will continue to be protected by specific Plan policies. It may be necessary to submit archaeological appraisals with development proposals.
26.8 There are several employment sites in Longhope which offer potential for additional job opportunities arising from intensification or redevelopment. These sites make a significant environmental impact upon the village both through their location and the use of heavy goods vehicles. Future development will be restricted within the boundaries of the sites. Proposals for further employment development will be supported where there are accompanying environmental improvements.
26.9 Gloucestershire County Council is considering the relocation of Longhope School to a site within the centre of the village, adjacent Longhope recreation ground. This proposal is acknowledged in the Plan as an allocation for such development.
26.10 A number of Important Open Areas have been identified on the Inset Map. These include the recreation ground, churchyard, an open area of amenity value between Church Road and the Wend and a prominent open area alongside the A.4136. These areas will be protected from development to ensure that they continue to provide for local amenity and contribute to the form and setting of the village.
Housing Allocation - Rectory Meadow
(R)F.Longhope 1

0.98 hectares of land off Rectory Meadow will be allocated for the provision of approximately 10-15 new dwellings. A further 0.5 hectares of land will be allocated for amenity open space within the site to be provided for by the development of housing. Development will be required to:

  1. Provide the sole vehicular access from Rectory Meadow
  2. Provide improved off street car parking for existing residents of Rectory Meadow
  3. Provide for strategic landscaping to the site boundaries, and within the site, incorporating existing landscape features and hedgerows where appropriate
  4. Provide safe and convenient pedestrian and cycling links to local services
  5. Provide for an appropriate number of affordable housing units.
    In addition the Council will seek to negotiate the following:
  6. An appropriate contribution to educational provision for the prospective occupiers of the site
  7. An appropriate contribution to the provision or enhancement of community facilities.

26.11 The above site is located to the north west of Longhope and is identified as an area suitable for the development of approximately 10-15 new dwellings and associated open space. The Plan will support proposals which bring forward a development which secures a mix of dwelling sizes. The Forest of Dean District Council will seek to negotiate an appropriate number of affordable housing units to meet local need for housing over the Plan period. The allocation includes the site of Longhope Primary School which will provide the opportunity for redevelopment following possible future relocation of the school to a site within the centre of the village.
26.12 The site is open in nature and whilst forming part of the open countryside is well contained by the rising contour of the land to the north-west, by existing hedgerows, and by existing development. Principal access to the site should be provided from Rectory Meadow with a secondary access off School lane. Access to the site should provide for safe and convenient pedestrian and cycle links to the centre of the village, its services and facilities. The site lies adjacent to the Conservation Area boundary and should therefore reflect the high quality of the built environment. Development of the site brings forward the opportunity to redevelop Longhope school following its relocation to a site within the centre of the village. Further detailed guidance is provided in a development brief prepared for the site.
26.13 Elsewhere within the Defined Settlement Boundary there are likely to be only limited opportunities for further residential development. The Plan will restrict development to small groups and single dwellings only, reflecting the compact nature of the core of the village and other areas of a more spacious appearance and settled character which should remain largely undisturbed.
Restriction on Development
(R)F.Longhope 2

Residential development including infilling will not be permitted on land to the south-east and south-west of Longhope as Identified on the Inset Map. Exceptions will be made only where proposals would result in a significant improvement to the built environment or to the amenity of the area. All new developments will be required to complement the established and settled character of the identified areas.

26.14 Policy (R)F.Longhope 2 identifies two areas within the village which mark the access points from the A.4136. These areas are of a settled nature and provide a pleasant prospect within the surrounding landscape. To the south west of Longhope is a small area which has an open and spacious character. Individual plots obtain access directly off the A.4136 or the old Gloucester Road and satisfactory access to any further new development would be difficult to achieve. Land to the south east of the village shares the above characteristics, but here access is constrained by a narrow road and difficult topography. Most of this area lies within the Conservation Area, thereby imposing further development restrictions. Policy (R)F.Longhope 2 sets out to resist inappropriate new development, while making exceptions where proposals would lead to a positive improvement to the amenity and quality of the built environment.
(R)F.Longhope 3

Proposals for the further development or redevelopment for employment purposes of the sites listed below and identified on the Inset Map will be supported where the proposals meet the requirements of Policy (R)FE.2. Development for other purposes will not be permitted.

Area A Land adjacent to the A.4136
Area B Land adjacent Church Road

26.15 Area A

Land adjacent to the A.4136 comprises a large transport depot and associated warehouses which provide important local employment opportunities. The site occupies a particularly prominent position on the periphery of Longhope, situated within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan. The site boundary has been tightly drawn to reflect the importance attached to restricting any further extension of the site into the highly attractive surrounding landscape. Within the boundaries of the site, proposals for further employment development or redevelopment, including Class B1, B2 and B8 will be supported where they provide improvements to the local environment and amenity of the area.

26.16 Area B

The Inset Map identifies two employment areas within the centre of Longhope. These sites are used for a variety of employment enterprises and make a valuable contribution to the number of local employment opportunities available to the rural population. It is considered important to retain such sites in employment use. The area identified on the Inset Map straddles Church Road which runs through the centre of the village and is wholly located within the Conservation Area boundary. Policy (R)F.Longhope3 proposes that further development or redevelopment of land adjacent Church Road should be supported where there are accompanying improvements to the local environment and amenity of the area, as required by Policy (R)FE.2. Development falling within use class B1 is most likely to be acceptable. It will be expected that most buildings and associated activities will be relatively small in scale to conform to their village location, and position within the Conservation Area.

Relocation of Longhope Primary School
(R)F.Longhope 4

Land will be allocated adjacent to Longhope Recreation Ground solely for the purposes of the development of a primary school and for community uses, including a village hall and amenity space.

26.17 (R)F.Longhope 4 identifies land located adjacent to the centre of the village. This area has been earmarked as a future site for the relocation of Longhope Primary School. The existing school currently occupies a small building and temporary classrooms to the north of the village which is served by inadequate access. The allocated site will enable a new school to be properly laid out for the purpose and will benefit from adjacent recreation facilities. Community uses will also be permissible within the site, including a village hall and amenity space including playspace.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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