Chapter 25


25.1 Littledean is located less than 2 kilometres from Cinderford, however it has a very different identity being more closely related to the surrounding agricultural land rather than to the statutory forest area and it's coalfields. Littledean is set within an attractive agricultural landscape on the floor and lower slopes of a valley. That part of the village on the hillside is prominent in the landscape. The village lies within the Special Landscape Area.
25.2 The village is quite substantial with a housing stock in the region of 314 and an approximate population of 770, which has changed little in recent years. At December 1999 there were 7 outstanding commitments for dwellings, 3 of which were on land adjoining Court Farm and nearing completion.
25.3 Littledean has a range of services including a hairdressers, a school, an hotel, several shops, two public houses, a community hall and a recreation ground. There is a tourist attraction adjoining the village at Littledean Hall.
Development Strategy
25.4 Littledean is an attractive village surrounded by a high quality agricultural and wooded landscape. Any outward expansion of the village would be likely to infringe upon this attractive area of open countryside, which forms part of the Special Landscape Area. The strategy of the Plan is to contain development within the tightly drawn defined settlement boundary. The strategy will allow infilling and small groups of dwellings within the village. A large part of the village is a Conservation Area, reflecting the quality of the built environment. New development will be expected to complement these attributes. Archaeological assessments may be required to accompany development proposals.
25.5 There is only limited employment available within the village. However a small area of approximately 0.45 hectares at Court Garage is presently used for various business purposes. The main use of the site is for car repairs. The site should remain in employment use as further development of the site could offer additional employment opportunities. The site is quite prominent in the Conservation Area and therefore any proposals must offer an improvement to the existing quality of the site, whilst retaining the site in employment use.
Court Farm Garage Employment Site



(R)F.Littledean 1

Land at Court Farm Garage will be retained for employment purposes, classes B1 and B2.

25.6 The settlement has a long history and by implication may contain significant archaeological remains. The historic core has been designated a Conservation Area. It is likely that archaeological investigations will be required as part of any development proposals.
25.7 Through traffic on the relatively narrow A.4151 causes some environmental problems. A car park has been provided in George Street. However roadside parking on the main road continues to cause congestion, although helping to reduce speed within the village. There will be a need to consider the potential for further reducing the environmental impact of vehicles by supplementing the limited traffic calming "gateway" measures that have already been established.
25.8 There are a number of open areas on both sides of Church Street which make a significant contribution to the appearance of the village. In 1996 an amenity area was created off Broad Street, which leads to the extended cemetery to the south of the village.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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