Chapter 24

Kempley Green

24.1 Kempley Green is a small village of about 40 houses located in the north west of the District. It has a population of about 100 and no longer has any local services or facilities other than a chapel. The village as defined in the Plan is now almost fully developed within the Defined Settlement Boundary. It contains a mixture of newer larger properties and older, often extended, more traditional dwellings. Kempley Green is relatively isolated being some 5km from Newent, the nearest town.
Development Strategy
24.2 The village is small and compact with a Defined Settlement Boundary which is closely drawn. Although there are no existing consents, there has been some recent infilling due to the redevelopment of a former garage and depot. Future opportunities are likely to be very few in number and the plan will limit new housing to single dwellings and infill under policy (R)FH.5 in recognition of the lack of local services and relatively inaccessible location of the village.
24.3 The Plan's policies are likely to lead to only very limited change to the village. They will thereby protect both the built and natural environment. The village itself still contains a number of green tracks and pathways which will be safeguarded from development as will the vestigal village Green which is protected by policy (R)FBE.7

FW v1

Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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