Chapter 23


23.1 Huntley is situated on the A.40, near the junction with the A.4136. It is 13 kilometres west of Gloucester and 6 kilometres south of Newent. The village is surrounded by gently sloping fields and orchards which provide an attractive setting.
23.2 The historic core of the village straddles the A.40, with a much larger area of modern housing to the north. To the south of the A.40 the character of development is well established and settled, with an interesting mix of buildings and spaces which provide an attractive street scene.
23.3 Busy traffic on the A.40 causes significant disturbance to the village. The issue is addressed in the Local Transport Plan which recognises the need for traffic management measures.
23.4 Huntley has a good range of services available to the village population. There are two shops (a shop/post office and butchers) and a public house in the village and two garages within a short distance of the settlement. Approximately 1 kilometre from the centre of the village, to the west, are the school and Church, both of which are Listed Buildings. In addition within the village settlement boundary there is a village hall, a recreation ground and a private cricket ground, and a golf range abuts the settlement boundary of the village. The County Council have identified a possible site for a replacement school off Byfords Road.
23.5 Huntley is predominantly a dormitory settlement with people commuting to employment in centres such as Gloucester, Mitcheldean and Cinderford. However some employment is available locally including a producer of timber products to the west and a plant nursery, both substantial local businesses which adjoin the village. A number of smaller businesses are located outside the defined settlement boundary and provide a further source of local employment.
23.6 The village was relatively small until the 1960s when Huntley expanded into the surrounding countryside to the north of the village. The parish population more than doubled with the completion of this new housing. Subsequently few additional dwellings have been completed. The population has remained static since 1995 at approximately 840 persons inhabiting about 336 dwellings. There are no outstanding housing commitments in Huntley, although there is a need for affordable housing in the Parish.
Development Strategy
23.7 The Plan Strategy will provide for limited further development in Huntley over the Plan period, including residential infilling and small groups of dwellings. However, there are likely to be only limited opportunities for sites to come forward for development. The area to the south of the A.40 will be subject to a development restraint policy. The County Council has incorporated a traffic management strategy in its Local Transport Plan for the A.40, including additional traffic management measures for Huntley and the adjoining sections of the A.40. The policies and proposals of the Local Transport Plan are supported.
23.8 The identified open areas within Huntley will be protected from development.
Built Environment
Restriction on Development
(R)F.Huntley 1

Residential development including infilling will not be permitted to the south of the A.40. Exceptions will be made only where proposals would result in significant improvements to the built environment or to the amenity of the area. All new development will be required to complement the established and settled character of the area.

23.9 The area to the south of the A.40 has not been subject to change of any significance over many years. It exhibits a quiet charm and character, enhanced by the presence of several listed buildings. It is considered worthwhile to retain these qualities and the established character of the area by limiting new residential development to those proposals which would enhance the built environment and local amenity.

FW v1

Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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