Chapter 21


21.1 Hartpury is one of the larger villages of the north Forest. The village population is around 350. It lies on the A.417 road, which provides easy access to Gloucester which is 7 kilometres to the south. There is no overall continuous pattern of development in the village, which is divided into separate areas by fields, orchards and open areas, all set within an attractive lowland agricultural landscape. Areas of old orchards, particularly to the north of the village, are attractive elements of the landscape.
21.2 Existing development is mostly confined to relatively narrow frontages along the A.417, and along several minor roads running off the A.417. There are a number of important open areas within the settlement. The position of the village on gently sloping ground means that much of the lower lying areas are visible from higher vantage points, and certain parts of the village are on the skyline when viewed from below. The traffic volumes on the A.417, which runs through the village, do give rise to intrusion, despite the introduction of a 40 mph speed limit.
21.3 Hartpury experienced a significant amount of new housing development in the 1950's and 1960's along Corsend Road and Danford Lane. More recently there has been development in the Broad Street area with the construction of a new housing estate and an affordable housing scheme currently being built off Danford Lane. A new primary school has recently been constructed within the village to replace the existing one located some distance outside Hartpury. At January 1999 there were outstanding housing commitments for 10 dwellings (including 8 affordable houses to be built off Danford Lane).
21.4 Hartpury has a range of local services including a shop/post office, a village hall, three public houses, a school, a church and chapel. There are bus services along the A.417 connecting to Gloucester in the south and other settlements to the north. Hartpury College is located close to the village, and is a large local employer. There are several small business estates at Staunton/Corse, located 5 Kilometres north along the A.417.
Development Strategy
21.5 The size and range of services of Hartpury is such that it is appropriate to provide for further limited development. The Plan strategy will therefore permit further residential infilling and small groups of dwellings within the defined settlement boundary. There is a need for affordable housing in the north Forest parishes, of which Hartpury forms part. A share of affordable housing will be sought in relation to any residential developments which take place and which are larger than the thresholds specified in the Housing Chapter. There is also an absolute lack of play space in Hartpury. The Plan policies will be implemented to secure on-site play provision for residential developments of 10 dwellings or more (or 0.4 hectare) and contributions to playing pitch development off-site will also be sought. Contributions may also be sought to provide for enhanced bus services along the A.417, to give improved accessibility by public transport along the A.417. Consideration will be given in the Plan period to the opportunity for further traffic management measures to reduce the effect upon Hartpury of through traffic.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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