Chapter 20

English Bicknor

20.1 English Bicknor is a small and relatively isolated village located between Coleford and Lydbrook. It is set in a prominent and elevated position within The Wye Valley AONB. It is overlooked from higher ground to the south east, and is very visible in the surrounding countryside. The built form is made up of two principal areas of development. The original village is focussed upon the fine village church and the school, both set within an old motte and bailey earthworks (a scheduled Ancient Monument). Around this central point is loosely grouped a number of generally older properties, including a number of large and attractive buildings. Virtually all of this part of the village is a designated Conservation Area. The second area of development comprises a more modern detached housing estate. The surrounding agricultural countryside forms an attractive setting for the village, comprising the upper slopes of the AONB.
20.2 There is a very restricted range of local services comprising a school, a Church, a hall/social club, and recreation ground. There is no local employment other than agriculture.
20.3 The present population of the village is approximately 217 with a housing stock of 87. There have been 6 dwelling completions since 1981 and there are 2 outstanding consents.
Development Strategy
20.4 English Bicknor is a small village with very limited local services and employment. The Plan strategy provides for only very limited new development, principally in the form of residential infilling, although very few such opportunities are likely to come forward over the Plan period. Development proposals may be required to be accompanied by archaeological assessment. Development within the Conservation Area will be required to have regard to the particular characteristics giving rise to that designation. The open areas within the village identified on the Inset Map will be protected from development. Any development taking place must have regard to the location of the village within the Wye Valley AONB.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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