Chapter 19


19.1 Ellwood is within the Statutory Forest and adjoins both woodland and an agricultural enclosure. The overall appearance of the settlement is that of groups of buildings interspersed with green areas which include Oaks, paddocks and grazed areas of forest waste. It lies within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan.
19.2 There are many older cottage style properties and there has also been a considerable amount of infilling not all of which has been sympathetic to the character of the settlement.
19.3 Ellwood has an imposing primary school, two church halls and a few small businesses which operate from the village. There is a private football ground with an associated social club and a playing field together with large areas of informal recreation space within the settlement and in the surrounding landscape.
19.4 The population of the settlement has changed little over the past years and remains in the region of 175. At December 1999 there where 2 commitments for residential development (One new dwelling, and one conversion).
Development Strategy
19.5 The settlement has a tightly drawn development boundary within which developments of one or two dwellings will be permitted. There are however only likely to be a few opportunities for further development. Vehicular access will form a constraint in parts of the village where there are only unsurfaced or poorly made up and aligned access ways.
19.6 Ellwood is vulnerable to a continuing process of infilling which could result in an erosion of the settlement's character. Many of the properties within the settlement have large curtilages. These will continue to be under pressure for residential infilling. The two most vulnerable areas have been identified by the Plan and a policy written within which infilling and single dwellings will not be permitted . The areas of land concerned are shown on the Inset Map. Overall the Plan strategy will seek to retain the characteristic open settlement pattern of the village.
19.7 Any new development will be required to take account of the supplementary design guidance supporting the Plan to ensure that new development is sympathetic to the existing buildings and their surroundings.
Restiction on Development
(R)F.Ellwood 1

Residential development including infilling will not be permitted within the areas shown on the Inset Map. Exceptions will be made only where the proposal would result in a significant improvement to the built environment or to the amenity of the area. All new development will be required to complement the established and settled character of the area.

19.8 The above policy applies to two areas of Ellwood that particularly exhibit the open informal nature of the Forest Ring. They contain large undeveloped areas often served by forest tracks, and the above policy seeks to retain the character of these areas. They are extremely vulnerable to the cumulative effects of intrusive new development especially residential infilling. It is therefore desirable to restrict the potential for such development by the inclusion of Policy (R)F.Ellwood 1.
19.9 The settlement's attractive character derives from the significant areas of open space found throughout the village and from the surrounding woodland. There are a number of open areas within Ellwood which have been identified as being of importance. These are shown on the Inset Map. However there are many other areas within the settlement, including highway verges and Forest Waste which are too numerous and too small to be shown but which also make a significant contribution to the character of the area. The contribution of these smaller areas will need to be individually assessed in the context of any development proposals.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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