Chapter 18

Edge End

18.1 Edge End is a small compact village less than 3 kilometres north east of Coleford. It is situated on high ground on the northern edge of the Forest and much of the settlement enjoys extensive views towards the Wye Valley and beyond. It comprises two main developed areas and a large open area of Forest waste partly used as a recreation ground. A large number of the houses date from the turn of the century and include examples of the substantial villa type property found in many of the forest ring settlements, although there has also been a significant amount of more recent infilling.
18.2 Edge End has no facilities other than a chapel and a recreation ground. There is no employment in the settlement. The population has changed little over the past few years and remains in the region of 150. At December 1999 there were no commitments for new dwellings.
Development Strategy
18.3 There are few services in Edge End to support new development. There is also very little opportunity for further development within the tightly drawn settlement boundary. New residential development will therefore be restricted to single dwellings or infilling.
18.4 Edge End is within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan. Two large open areas of Forest Waste within Edge End are central to the character of the village and are used for recreation. The Plan will protect them from development. The western end of the village suffers from disturbance from traffic using the A4136 which is a principal road in the Forest of Dean. There is a need to consider the potential for alleviating the effects of traffic upon parts of the village.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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