Chapter 14

Bromsberrow Heath

14.1 Bromsberrow Heath is located near to the northern boundary of the District. It lies close to to the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It has a population of about 240 and contains approximately 100 houses. The village has no real nucleus, and it is characterised by a network of narrow lanes and tracks. These help to give the village a certain character but also give rise to certain access limitations. There has been much residential infilling over an extended period which has changed the nature of the village from that of a dispersed agricultural settlement to a more intensively developed linear settlement, with almost continuous development, although many dwellings are set in large plots.
14.2 There is a combined post office and shop within the village but few other facilities. The nearest school is over a mile away at Bromsberrow. There is very limited local employment in the village itself though a small industrial estate lies close by.
14.3 The M.50 Motorway forms part of the southern boundary of the village and generates a degree of background noise. There are two sand quarries in Bromsberrow Heath, one to the south of the M.50 is dormant at present but has a valid planning consent for mineral extraction. The quarry which is adjacent to the settlement is fully operational and produces building sand.
14.4 As of 1st January 2000 there was an outstanding consent for one dwelling and three other dwellings were under construction within the settlement boundary.
Development Strategy
14.5 The village offers few opportunities for further development and has little in the way of services or employment. New development will therefore be restricted to infilling of one or two dwellings on appropriate sites within the Defined Settlement Boundary. The settlement boundary is tightly drawn to protect the adjoining open countryside, and the important underground aquifer underlying the area.
14.6 The network of green tracks and lanes are an attractive feature of the village and should be retained as a feature of the village character. The area surrounding the village is a water gathering ground for Severn Trent Water and there is a ground water extraction plant to the north of the village. Any new development must therefore specifically provide for the safeguarding of the quality of the ground water in the underlying acquifer.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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