Chapter 13


13.1 Brockweir is a small tightly-knit village situated at a crossing point of the River Wye. The village is located within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). It is an attractive settlement, which is designated as a Conservation Area. Much of its character is derived from the compact layout punctuated by narrow lanes, the use of traditional materials, and its attractive riverside location. The core of the village has not changed a great deal in recent years, but some newer development has occurred on the edge of the village.
13.2 Brockweir has limited services which include a pottery shop, a public house, a general store/post office and a village hall close by. Tourism plays a significant part in the support of these services. An oil depot in the village provides a very limited source of local employment.
13.3 The present population of the village is approximately 110 with a housing stock of 36. The population has changed very little since 1951. Two new dwellings have been added to the housing stock in the village since 1981.There were outstanding consents for two dwellings in Oct 1999.
Development Strategy
13.4 The overall strategy for Brockweir is to maintain and enhance the attractive character of the built environment of the village and the landscape setting of the Wye Valley AONB. The defined settlement boundary for Brockweir has been closely drawn in order to preserve its attractive and compact built form. As a result there is likely to be little opportunity for new development. The only limited opportunities which may come forward in the village are likely to be in the form of re-development. New housing development will be limited by policy (R)FH.5 to one or two dwellings only. Any development which does occur will be expected to conserve or enhance the Conservation Area.
13.5 The oil depot site in the village has potential for amenity improvements to the present use to complement the quality of the surrounding built environment. Any redevelopment proposals for the site should provide for the enhancement of the Conservation Area. Proposals to re-develop the oil depot site for less intrusive employment uses, in Class B1 for example, will be generally welcomed. Development proposals for the site will be judged against the level of environmental improvements which will result for the site, and for the surrounding properties.
13.6 Several important open areas are identified within Brockweir. These include the Quay which is of particular aesthetic and historic importance. The network of narrow lanes within the village are an important feature. The Quay and riverside have only limited potential for additional recreation use, due to the sensitive and exposed nature of the location.
13.7 The village will be protected from pressures it cannot absorb, for example from inappropriate tourism proposals. During the Plan period consideration will be given to the potential for improved access to the riverside area for recreational purposes. Any proposals arising however must ensure that proper provision is made for ancillary uses, such as car parking, in a manner which is appropriate for the built form of the village and the need to maintain the quality of the AONB setting.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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