Chapter 12


12.1 Brierley is a small linear settlement located immediately adjacent to the A.4136. The village is one of only very few settlements located wholly within the statutory Forest. It is surrounded by woodland and is set within the Special Landscape Area of the Plan. The older part of the village (Brierley Bank) has the typical layout and character of the Forest Ring type of settlement, this area is settled in character. Along the High Street the built environment takes on a more modern form, made up of a combination of Local Authority housing, recent infilling, and other private housing.
12.2 Brierley has well defined settlement boundaries formed by the line of the A.4136 and by the surrounding woodland. Within these boundaries there is very limited opportunity for further development, although the possibility of redevelopment may occur. Traffic on the A.4136 causes a degree of environmental intrusion.
12.3 Brierley has a number of local services, including a filling station (with shop), a Church, public house and recreation ground. The woodland which surrounds the village offers great scope for informal recreation, and adds greatly to local amenity.
12.4 The present population of Brierley is approximately 152, with a housing stock of about 60. There were no outstanding consents for new dwellings at January 1999.
Development Strategy
12.5 Brierley is tightly constrained by a high quality landscape and restricted access to parts of the village. The Strategy of the Plan is to contain development within a tightly drawn settlement boundary. The Strategy will allow small developments of one or two dwellings although there are very restricted opportunities for further development.
12.6 A strategy to upgrade the A.4316 to achieve access and safety improvements is outlined within Gloucestershire County Council's Local Transport Plan. Safety improvements were implemented within the village during the previous Plan period with the introduction of a 40mph speed restriction. The Forest of Dean District Council will support proposals for strategic highway improvements during the Plan period.
12.7 The Inset Map identifies two open areas consisting of an area of forest waste and a recreation ground. These areas are visually important to those parts of the village located around their perimeter. The Plan will protect these areas from development.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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