Chapter 8


8.1 The general area of the Beachley peninsula, south of Sedbury, is dominated by the Severn Bridge and the Army Barracks. As Ministry of Defence property the Barracks falls largely outside the scope of this Plan. An estate of 79 houses has been completed on land adjacent to the Barracks to be used solely for the army, but this area is not included within the settlement area for Beachley as land owned by the Ministry of Defence is not subject to the same planning regulations as non Crown land. The most substantial part of Beachley outside the Army Barracks is an area of regular plots served by Loop Road and Inner Loop Road. This is situated between the Severn and Wye estuaries, on relatively low lying land.
8.2 Beachley has a Post Office but few other services. It is close to Sedbury which has a range of shops and other facilities, and Chepstow is within two miles. Tutshill, Sedbury, Chepstow and the Army Camp provide employment close to Beachley. There is also some employment locally, including an engineering works.
8.3 Since 1981, 3 new houses have been completed in Beachley. The present population of the area is approximately 255, which corresponds with a housing stock of about 100. There were no residential commitments within the defined settlement boundary at October 1999.
Development Strategy
8.4 The countryside surrounding Beachley provides a generally attractive setting and it is not considered appropriate to allow the developed area to expand into the surrounding open countryside. The defined settlement boundary has been tightly drawn around the built up area of Beachley offering very few opportunities for further development. The strategy restricts the potential for residential development to infilling only. This may allow some changes to take place within the Plan period, in a similar manner to the few completions which have taken place in the past years. A further constraint is that the village relies on private drainage facilities. It is not anticipated that any other significant development is likely to occur over the Plan period.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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