Chapter 7


7.1 Aylburton lies astride the A.48 road approximately 1.5 Kilometres to the south west of Lydney. To the east of the village the land slopes gently down to the Severn Estuary, whilst to the west the land rises steeply from the village edge up to the Severn Escarpment. Aylburton is generally linear in form with mainly older terraced properties facing directly onto the A.48. Much of the village falls within a designated Conservation Area. The older buildings are generally constructed of stone or finished with render, with a mixture of slate or clay tiled roofs. Development in the post war period has taken place largely to the west of the A.48, including a Local Authority estate off Church Road in the 1950's, a private estate adjoining Chapel Hill in the 1970's, and a further smaller development off the High Street in more recent years.
7.2 There are a limited range of local services including two public houses, a Primary School, Village Hall and allotments. There is a planning permission for a post office. The building is currently being renovated. There is a large recreation ground, which is located on the wrong side of the busy A.48 road for the majority of the population. Local employment is provided by an industrial business in the village centre, and a large estate with several farms adjoining the village. A permission has been granted and partly implemented for a small industrial estate based around the redevelopment of a farm yard and its buildings off Stockwell Lane. Lydney is also close by, offering a wide range of employment and services.
7.3 The population of the Parish has remained virtually static over the last ten years, during which time there have been 20 dwelling completions in the village of Aylburton. The estimated village population is 400 with a housing stock of about 170 dwellings.There were outstanding planning consents for 11 dwellings in Aylburton on 6th December, 1999.
Development Strategy
7.4 Aylburton is an attractive village surrounded by an open agricultural landscape and extensive areas of woodland. Any outward expansion of the village would be likely to infringe upon this attractive area of open countryside. The strategy of the Plan is to safeguard the attractive landscape around Aylburton by means of restricting development in the open countryside beyond the tightly drawn settlement boundary. The strategy will allow infilling and small groups of new dwellings within the village, although there are few opportunities within the defined settlement boundary for further residential development in addition to existing commitments. Those that do come forward are expected to arise from infilling and redevelopment.
7.5 A large part of the village is a Conservation Area, reflecting the quality of the built environment. New development will be expected to complement these attributes, particularly within the Conservation Area. Archaeological assessments may be required to accompany development proposals.
7.6 Where appropriate proposals come forward for the refurbishment or re-location of existing employment sites, these will be supported under the employment policies of the Plan. Any redevelopment proposals should provide for the enhancement of the Conservation Area.
7.7 The churchyard is identified as an important open area to be protected within the defined settlement boundary, in addition the two recreational areas (allotments and playing fields) will be protected as important open areas.
7.8 The A.48 has a considerable effect on the quality of the environment due to the large volume of through traffic in the village, and particularly the effect of heavy lorries. No by-pass is programmed although the DETR continue to protect a line for the by-pass. Throughout Aylburton vehicular access to the A.48 is a potential constraint upon development due to the need to ensure highway safety. Traffic management measures have recently been introduced along the A48. These will continue to be monitored by the County Council.

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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review, 1st Deposit Draft. July 2000

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