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Forest of Dean District Local Plan Review

1st Deposit Draft

July 2000

List of District Wide Policies


Chapter 1: The Local Plan Strategy

  • (R)F.Strategy 1 Development to Assist Revitalisation
  • (R)F.Strategy 2 Sustainable Development Requirements
  • (R)F.Strategy 3 Priority for the Re-use of Land
  • (R)F.Strategy 4 Town Centre Development
  • (R)F.Strategy 5 Protection of the Environment
  • (R)F.Strategy 6 Development in the South Forest
  • (R)F.Strategy 7 Development in the North Forest
  • (R)F.Strategy 8 Development in Villages

Chapter 2: Housing

  • (R)FH.1 Overall Housing Provision
  • (R)FH.2 Town Housing Land Allocations
  • (R)FH.3 Allocation Policy for Larger Villages
  • (R)FH.4 Housing in Villages - Small Groups, Single Dwellings and Infilling
  • (R)FH.5 Housing Development in Smaller Villages
  • (R)FH.6 New Housing in the Countryside
  • (R)FH.7 Housing on Greenfield Sites
  • (R)FH.8 Promotion of and Retention of Housing in Town Centres
  • (R)FH.9 Promotion of New Housing Stock Through Conversions Within Settlements
  • (R)FH.10 Encouragement for Optimum Densities
  • (R)FH.11 Mix of Dwelling Types
  • (R)FH.12 Affordable Housing - Eligibility and Continuing Availability
  • (R)FH.13 Affordable Housing on New Housing Sites - Negotiated Share Basis
  • (R)FH.14 Affordable Housing on Exceptions Sites
  • (R)FH.15 Replacement Dwellings
  • (R)FH.16 Sub-division of Dwellings
  • (R)FH.17 Gypsy Sites
  • (R)FH.18 Travellers Sites

Chapter 3: Employment

  • (R)FE.1 Principal Employment Land Allocations
  • (R)FE.2 Development on Established Employment Sites
  • (R)FE.3 Change of Use of Employment Land
  • (R)FE.4 Employment in Villages
  • (R)FE.5 Employment in the Countryside

Chapter 4 Tourism, Recreation and Leisure

  • (R)FTRL.1 Tourism, Recreation and Leisure Development Within the Towns
  • (R)FTRL.2 Tourism, Recreation and Leisure Development in Villages and the Countryside
  • (R)FTRL.3 Golf Courses and Driving Ranges
  • (R)FTRL.4 Provision of Recreational Access
  • (R)FTRL.5 Protection of Rights of Way
  • (R)FTRL.6 Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal

Chapter 5: Town Centres

  • (R)FS.1 Town Centre Shopping
  • (R)FS.2 Mixed Uses in Town Centres
  • (R)FS.3 Primary and Secondary Retail Frontages
  • (R)FS.4 Shop Fronts
  • (R)FS.5 Local Shopping Provision

Chapter 6: Built Environment

  • (R)FBE.1 Design of Development
  • (R)FBE.2 Infrastructure Provision (R)FBE.3 Energy Conservation
  • (R)FBE.4 Flood Risk and Development
  • (R)FBE.5 Non-residential Re-use of Buildings in the Countryside
  • (R)FBE.6 Residential Re-use of Buildings in the Countryside
  • (R)FBE.7 Protection of Open Areas
  • (R)FBE.8 Protection of Forest Waste
  • (R)FBE.9 Protection of Outdoor Recreational Space
  • (R)FBE.10 Play Space Standards
  • (R)FBE.11 Play Space Provision
  • (R)FBE.12 Crime Prevention
  • (R)FBE.13 Advertisements and Signs
  • (R)FBE.14 Disabled Access and Mobility
  • (R)FBE.15 Renewable Energy Development
  • (R)FBE.16 Telecommunications Development
  • (R)FBE.17 Proposals for Electrical Power Lines
  • (R)FBE.18 Development Near Sewage Treatment Works
  • (R)FBE.19 Contaminated and Unstable Land
  • (R)FBE.20 Environmental Pollution

Chapter 7: Transport

  • (R)FT.1 Provision for Alternative Modes of Access
  • (R)FT.2 Site Development Requirements
  • (R)FT.3 Parking Provision
  • (R)FT.4 Provision for Reduced Car Parking
  • (R)FT.5 Protection of Railway Facilities
  • (R)FT.6 Walking and Cycling
  • (R)FT.7 Road Schemes - Safeguarding

Chapter 8: Natural Environment

  • (R)FNE.1 Protection of the Countryside
  • (R)FNE.2 Conservation and Enhancement of Landscape Character
  • (R)FNE.3 Protection of Important Natural Features
  • (R)FNE.4 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • (R)FNE.5 Protection of Agricultural Land
  • (R)FNE.6 Protection of the Coastal Zone
  • (R)FNE.7 Promotion of Biodiversity
  • (R)FNE.8 Sites of Special Scientific Interest: National and International
  • (R)FNE.9 Sites of Local Nature Conservation Interest
  • (R)FNE.10 Features of Habitat Interest (R)FNE.11 Species Protection
  • (R)FNE.12 Groundwater Protection
  • (R)FNE.13 Development Affecting Surface and Coastal Waters

Chapter 9: Historic Environment

  • (R)FHE.1 Preservation and Enhancement of Conservation Areas
  • (R)FHE.2 Demolition in Conservation Areas
  • (R)FHE.3 Alterations to Listed Buildings and Their Settings
  • (R)FHE.4 Demolition Affecting Listed Buildings
  • (R)FHE.5 Change of Use of Buildings of Architectural Or Historic Importance
  • (R)FHE.6 Development Affecting Archaeological Sites
  • (R)FHE.7 Requirement to Provide Archaeological Information
  • (R)FHE.8 Historic Parks and Gardens

District Local Plan Review

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