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The Council makes the following emphases in its work in promoting and maintaining the health and safety of the community
HOUSING We are seeking to maintain and improve the quality of the housing within the district, and to ensure that the best use is made of existing housing.
COMMUNITY SAFETY We are working with other agencies in implementing the Community Safety Strategy.
COMMUNITY ENHANCEMENT We are working with communities to build on community capacity.
ELDERLY We are developing active links with other statutory agencies on Community Care Issues.
POVERTY We are implementing initiatives that tackle social deprivation.
YOUNG PEOPLE We are forging stronger links with other agencies to help and support young people.
HEALTH We are introducing initiatives which challenge inequities in health and promote effective inter-agency co-operation and community empowerment.


Facts and Figures

Town Population





Dwelling Composition. Detached dwelling
Purpose Built Flats
Converted Flats

(45.7%) 13,900
(34.0%) 10,335
(14.8%)   4,487
(3.9%)   1,174
(1.5%)      450

Tenure Owner Occupied
Local Authority rented
Housing Association rented
Privately Rented

(75.0%) 21,422
(16.3%)   4,662
(1.4%)      410
(7.3%)   2,084

Above figures based on 1991 Census


Unfitness 8.2%

Estimated backlog of repair expenditure £30m.

Strategic issues in place or being tackled

Comprehensive Housing Strategy detailing the Council's priorities and aims in respect of housing throughout the district.

An Empty Homes Strategy involving the following initiatives:-

Housing Needs Survey

Completed in May 1997 and being used with Village Needs Appraisals to prioritise social housing schemes.

Rent Arrears Control

Controls have been increasing recently and the following initiatives have been introduced:-

Rent Setting Policy

This is being developed for implementation in April 1998.

Private Sector Housing

This is being developed and comprises the following Strategy aspects:-


There are 210 Neighbourhood Watch schemes in operation

Crime Rates - 8.24 per 1,000 population (County-Wide 97.8)
Detected crime - 28.8% (County-Wide 26.1%)

Strategic issues in place or being tackled:-
Community Safety Strategy Adopted and under constant review.
Community Alarm Service Operating through Council's Control Centre and providing
support for sufferers of domestic violence.
Bogus Callers Scheme Introduced to enable residents to check on identities of callers.
Victim Support A comprehensive free, confidential service is provided for victims
of crime, including witness support in Magistrate's Courts.
The Council supports this service. Phone 01594-810910.
Enhanced Security Measures being identified and implemented on Social housing estates.


Rural Community Development Worker

There have been 15 Village Appraisals completed by Gloucestershire Rural Community Council. The post of Gloucestershire Rural Community Council Forest of Dean Fieldworker is 50% funded by the District Council to assist in implementing the Council's total approach towards regeneration, and achieve its Corporate Priorities and Key Tasks with particular reference to community development.


Facts and figures
Age Structure FODDC
0 - 15 14,523 (19.3%)
16 - 44 30,158 (40%)
45 - Retired 15,781 (20.9%)
Retired - 74 9,484 (12.6%)
75 and over 5,394 (7.2%)

(Figures from 1991 Census)

Strategic issues in place or being tackled:-

Anchor Staying Put Agency

Providing full support for home improvements, repairs and adaptations to elderly and disabled persons in the private sector.

Linkline Community Alarm Service

Tunstall Telecom Alarm Service provided to around 1,600 residents in the District from a Control Centre at the Council Offices, and for 3 other District Councils in Gloucestershire.

Extra Care Scheme

25 one bed. flatted scheme being constructed by Hanover Housing Association.

Existing Sheltered Schemes

22 Sheltered Schemes (609 Units).
323 Units with Mobile Warden Service.
203 additional units designated for older persons.

Home Safety Check Scheme

Free service available for Home Safety Check from Gloucestershire Health Promotion, Tel: 01452 395139.


Facts and Figures

Unemployment in the Forest of Dean District 5.4%
Unemployment in the Cinderford and Ross travel-to-work area 6.4%

At the 1991 census there were :-

As at April 1997:-

Strategic issues in place or being tackled:-

Anti-Poverty Strategy.

Developing an Arrears Recovery Policy which recognises multiple debts.

Initiatives to increase benefit take-up and reduce fraud.


Facts and Figures

There are four after-school clubs, with a total of 120 registered places

There are 102 registered child-minders in the district

210 Young people approached homeless project as homeless in 1995.

Young Single Homeless Persons' Strategy
being implemented and reviewed. Supporting Young Single Homeless Worker with County Council.

Foyer Type project known as CREATE
being established under SRB II funding.

Support to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Support and seeking to increase After Schools Kids Club.


Facts and Figures

2 Community Hospitals

13 GP Practices (4 standard fundholders and 2 Community fundholders)

Purchaser - Gloucestershire Health Authority

Primary Health Care Provider - Severn NHS Trust

Health Strategy
being developed to include Health at Work initiatives, amongst others.

Leisure Strategy
includes weekly exercise sessions held in the council's residential accommodation centres, with "Chairobics" for those with mobility problems, and general advice on exercise for health.

Food Safety Handbook
Available for all food businesses in the district giving comprehensive details on procedures and the legislation.

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