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Although the Council was not chosen as a pilot site, we intend to review all of our services, in accordance with the principles of Best Value, over a four year period.

The bid had been prepared with the agreement and approval of the Council, the Council's Management Team, other staff and Trade Union representatives.

Members and Management Team are nevertheless committed to the Best Value framework and are continuing with its development.

The services to be reviewed in the first year commencing April 1998 are shown later.

Review teams have been established for each service area, with an emphasis on consultation with the public and service users and the team will be expected to consider all possible service delivery options.

The service reviews will decide

Involving the Community

Fundamental to the success of Best Value is the need to involve the community. The Council is aware that:

Service Delivery

Service Reviews will be required to consider all possible means of service delivery.

Best Value will mean major changes affecting the Council's organisation and its relationships with other partners. The choice of service delivery may not be simply between in-house and external provision. The choice has to be made from a wide, and increasing range of alternatives, many of which could involve new partnerships with present and future stakeholders.

The Council's bid for pilot status included the following statement:

"Review teams must research alternative means of supply. The Council will not automatically assume that its own in-house providers have an untested right to supply services on behalf of the Council. Nor will Review Teams assume that services currently carried out by the private sector, voluntary or not for profit organisations represent Best Value. The opportunity presented to the Council by Best Value will, therefore, be used to scrutinise, openly, all existing and potential arrangements for service provision whether these be an in-house provided service, or provided by agencies and organisations external to the Council".

The Council already has formed partnerships with other organisations including Parish and Town Councils in the provision of its services.


Service managers, particularly those in the first year of the timetable (see below) are keen to network with officers in other local authorities and organisations who are providing similar services.

The idea is to exchange ideas and information on service delivery and, where agreed, to benchmark costs and activities.

Anyone interested in the Council's work on Best Value or who wants to become involved, should contact:

Steve Weston or Karen Rushworth
Tel: 01594 810000
E-mail: [email protected]

Best Value Service Review Timetable
Year Directorate Service to be Reviewed
1998/99 Strategy Electoral Registration and Elections;
Payroll and Personnel;
Community Safety and CCTV
Central Services Office Services, including
One-Stop Shops and Cashiers;
Legal Services;
Land Charges;
Concessionary Fares;
Ombudsman/Monitoring Officer
Planning and Leisure Building Control, including
Dangerous Structures;
Sports Development;
Tourism Promotion
Housing and Environmental Services Waste Management, including
Recycling and Street Cleansing;
Public Conveniences;
Strategic and Enabling
1999/2000 Strategy Regeneration;
Community Development
Central Services Computer Services;
Corporate Health and Safety;
Cash Management and Banking;
Accountancy and Audit
Planning and Leisure Development Control;
Joint Leisure;
Industrial Estates;
Tourist Information Centre
Housing and Environmental Services Enforcement of Environmental Services including
Food Safety;
Community Services eg Wardens, Homelessness;
Discretionary House Renovation Grants
2000/2001 Strategy Public Relations;
Emergency Planning;
Corporate Strategy;
Civic Matters;
Democratic Process;
Corporate Management
Planning and Leisure Forward Plan;
Environmental Enhancement;
Economic Development;
Countryside Management;
Street Naming and Numbering;
Footpath and Bridleways
Housing and Environmental Services Technical Services, including
Pest Control;
Dog Wardens;
Abandoned Vehicles;
Council's Buildings;
Land Drainage;
Home Safety;
Women's Refuge;
Health Strategy;
2001/2002 Central Services Revenues and Benefits
Housing and Environmental Services Housing Management

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