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The Valley of the River Severn

There are magnificent panoramic views from the edge of the Forest of Dean overlooking the Severn Valley. On a clear day one can see as far as the Lickey Hills (near Birmingham) 60 miles to the north, the Dundry Hills, (south of Bristol) 60 miles to the south, and all between, including the Cotswold Hills on the far side of the valley.

Severn Valley & Gloucester

This view, taken from the hill above Mitcheldean looks over the valley of the River Severn towards Gloucester (18 miles) and Cheltenham (26 miles), with the Cotswold Hills (28 miles) in the distance. The prominent tower of Gloucester Cathedral can be easily seen. Crickley Hill and Cleeve Hill are both ancient settlement sites of the Boduni tribe before and at the time the Romans came to the area. These hilltop settlements were also on the Forst of Dean side of the valley.

Severn Valley - Westbury and Stroud

Taken from the same viewpoint above Mitcheldean, but looking a little further south than the previous picture. This view shows the River Severn (at low tide) with the village of Westbury on Severn and Westbury Cliff beside the river. Westbury Cliff is notable for its Rhaetic rocks in which can be found pleisiosaur bones, sharks teeth, and deposits of fools gold. The town of Stroud can just be seen on the Cotswold edge. In the foreground, the wooded hill on the right of the picture is the site of an ancient fort.

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