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If you turn down St John Street towards the town centre you will find the 'Tram Stop' chip shop on the right hand side. This was the WHITE SWAN (10). The owner in 1891 was Alfred Webb.

Almost opposite is 'Muffins Restaurant'. This was once the GEORGE INN (11) and was open as such in 1839.
Three doors down from 'Muffins' is the 'Top Knotch' sports shop. On this site was the RAILWAY INN (12) sharing its premises with DENNIS'S (12). Since 1936 the premises were part used as a fish and chip shop, and later as the premises of the South Herefordshire Agricultural Co-operative Society Ltd.
Almost opposite are recently refurbished buildings which have been converted into flats. Next to 'Ray Winman Butchers' were the WINE VAULTS (13).
The OLD WHITE HART (14) is at the end of St John Street on the opposite side. This has been open since, probably, the Civil War. Richard Highley ran it in 1876.

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