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Page 2 - The Market Place

The second Market Hall
After the demolition of the Old Market Hall in 1866, it was replaced by a new building on the same spot.

This colour tinted photograph was taken in the early 1900s, from the Gloucester Road end of the Market Place, with the Angel on the right, and the clock tower beyond on the left.

The opposite end of the new Market Hall, with St. John's Road on the left, and looking towards Gloucester Road.

This was before the Lloyds Bank building was built on the corner. The shop on the corner no longer bears the "British Wine" sign.

The design of the lamp post on the right dates this photograph in the 1950s. The Cafe sign on the left advertises luncheons and teas, and beyond this, a baker's shop with a Hovis sign.

Above: the same view in 1999

A colour photograph taken in the early 1960s from a similar viewpoint illustrates that parking was allowed on the centre of the Market Place beside the clock tower, whilst a Triumph Herald is parked at the right.

The tobacconists on the right has a "Wills Capstain" sun blind over the lower part of the window. Beyond this is Baxters shop.

Above: An almost identical view in 1999
The start of demolition of the Market Hall in the 1960s. This is one of only two known photographs of the event.
.... and the task almost completed.One wonders if demolition of buildings like this would be allowed to happen today.

In 1999 the site is now bare, except for the road which now completely encircles the old clock tower.


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