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The High Street
The "old" church of St. John in the town centre. Built in 1821, and demolished in 1882, when it was replaced by the new St. John's Church on Bowen's Hill close by. The congregation of Coleford had rapidly outgrown the church, and it was not possible to enlarge it because the Market Company would not sell the adjacent land.

This photograph was taken some time between 1866 and 1882, from the High Street, beside what is now the cinema.

A similar viewpoint to the photograph above, but after 1882 when the church had been demolished, leaving just the clock tower, which is a feature of Coleford today. Note the new Market Hall which can be seen to the right of the church.
The new Market Hall was demolished in the 1960s, leaving the scene almost the same as it is today.
A present day view from an almost identical position. The Market Hall has long since gone, it is over a hundred years since the church was demolished, and the buildings, including the Angel, on the lower side of the Market Place are revealed.

Remarkably little has changed between the photo above, taken in the 1970's, and the one left, taken in 1999.

 St. John Street

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