Symonds Yat

Symonds Yat Rock is well known for it's magnificent viewpoint which overlooks  the beautiful scenery  of the Wye valley as the river twists through the gorge.  Symonds Yat rock is situated in a heavily wooded limestone outcrop with cliffs 120 metres high.

Left: one of the views from the rock 

How to get there:
Follow the B4228 out of Coleford then turn onto the B4432 to Symonds Yat Rock, about 31/2 miles from Coleford.


Symonds Yat is popular all year round with different attractions in all of the seasons.  At the bottom of the valley there are a range of visitor attractions including a man-powered rope ferry over the river Wye, the maze and the Heritage Centre nearby on the downward hillside. There is a visitor centre at the top of the hill beside the viewpoint.

The Peregrine Falcons

Wild Peregines have long been associated with Symonds Yat Rock. They had bred well here until the early 1950's when the effects of pesticides drastically reduced  the national population.  In 1982 the re-occupation of the site started when three young were reared but the following year the nest was robbed.  After this event in 1984 the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, in co-operation with the Forestry Commission made a protection scheme and for the first time Peregrine Falcons in the wild were shown to tourists.  Since then the Rock has had many visitors to see the Falcons and volunteers have helped to safeguard these impressive birds.  During the breeding season the RSPB make powerful telescopes available to visitors, so that you can see right into the nests!

 The Wye Valley

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