Cinderford, Gloucestershire, GL14 3DH

Tel: 01594 822311
Fax: 01594 822578

Head teacher: Mr. P. S. Woodward
Deputy head: Mrs L. Gibbons


St. White's School is situated on the edge of Cinderford and is one of three primary schools in the town. The main building is Victorian, but there has been the addition of a canteen/dining hall, a terrapin classroom, seven Elliot classrooms one of which is a library, and one bay Hallam S.E.N. room all on a second site across a service road.

Right: Main building viewed from the canteen site.

The number on the roll is 296 children organised into ten classes, six of which contain mixed year groups. Four of the classes are for infant children and five for junior children, with one class containing year 2 and year 3 children. In the main building there is an infant library, music room and an activities room for infants and used extensively by nursery nurses or parents taking groups of children. We have started a pre-school unit for 4 year olds called Earlybirds on 3 afternoons a week to attract more children and prepare them for school.

Left: the original old Victorian school building, founded in the 1880's.

The staffing comprises ten full time teachers and two part time teachers - one for seven sessions fro S.E.N. work and the other for 0.3 timetabled hours used primarily to release curriculum co-ordinators for monitoring work. There is a school secretary and three classroom assistants, two are employed for for a total of thirteen sessions weekly in the infant department, and one for five sessions weekly in the junior department.

The school has a good reputation locally and most years attracts entrants from outside the normal catchment area. It is generally acknowledged that the school has a happy, caring atmosphere and where much is expected of the children. There is a very good relationship with the parents and the local community, and a few years ago the "Friends of St. White's" was established. This has flourished. Their fund raising has provided the school with equipment, and has funded several ventures. There is a close involvement of parents with the school and some help on a regular basis.

There are 15 school governors who meet regularly to assist the head and staff in the management of the school.

We aim to make St. White's a happy, caring school where your child can find a continuity and consistency of approach which will give them a firm sense of belonging. We strive to recognise the individuality and uniqueness of each child, valuing his/her positive contributions to the life of the school.

The aims and targets we set are demanding, both in standards of work and discipline, but are achievable with effort and concentration. We hope the warm, friendly ethos in the school will make the difficult task of learning and developing a little easier.

Our Mission Statement

"Together we do our best"

Our Vision Statement

We aim for individuals to be sufficiently challenged by the school, resulting in their full potential being attained.

Our School Aims and Ethos

  1. to ensure that everyone is valued.

  2. to create a caring community, involving everyone as fully as possible, and meeting the needs of children and staff.

  3. to provide the resources and an environment conducive to learning.

  4. to promote positive attitudes to gender, equality, cultural diversity and special needs.

  5. to encourage the highest standards of behaviour and values appropriate to the ages of the children, with the staff being the role models.

  6. to enable each child to be as independent and self-sufficient as possible.

  7. to provide a wide variety of extra curricular activities to further develop the children's interests.

  8. to encourage parental and governor involvement in the school as the "critical friend" and in the decision making processes where appropriate.

  9. to created a relaxed yet purposeful atmosphere.

  10. to publicise positive aspects of school life.

Visitors are very welcome to look around the school and see us at work and play. We also have a ten minute video for loan that shows the school "in action".

We hope to see you in the near future.

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